Collecting and OrganizingJL BWF Camaro and other Elite Cars

It is from the Street Freaks series, 2004. I can check the weight on mine but I believe it's about 61 grams. They are very fast on the LJLRC track and I think Cameron (FOTF) has won in a couple of races here. 

I can vouch for that Camaro. It was several years ago at this point, and I can't find the link, but that Camaro ripped through a stock bracket. It was a mixed brand tournament and there was a JL van and the Camaro that took 1 and 2 in the final.

Awesome, and thanks again, I'm building an elite racing collection and that is one of the cars on my radar for sure. I've got a CCM-Race Aces(Country Club Muscle) in the crosshairs right at a time. 

Just a heads up here for my brethren...this 2014 casting- Lotus Evora GT is a 35g beast, it's not totally a secret, but it's a lightweight rocket....I'd say 7 to 8 out of 10 castings are fast right out of the blister pack.

I introduced it into my stock field of 216 cars in 2017, it's raced in 4 Rally's making the Finals all 4 times with three 1st and one 2nd

My Fearrai F40 Gold Medal Speed w/ the lace/wire wheels is on the way to LoS HQ. So, I can check that one off my list.

So, they want a pretty penny for this casting...and I get it due to it's well earned rep...but what is the stud to dud ratio on this car? I would really appreciate some opinions on this casting before I spend the coin most want on average for this JL.

Ha-ha, let's see ... between us, my dad and I have had nine that won something or other (or multiple things--like one of mine that's won six races, and another that's won between six and eight), and we've had seven (or was it eight?) that have never won (though one of those is of DECENT speed ... but it should be faster for a brand new one; another was good--at least on the fifty-foot track--but was stolen, and also once got its axle jammed to the side during a race it might have come closer to winning otherwise). Of course, I know that K&O Racing has had a lot of them, with only two--maybe three--to ever win anything (though one of those wins a LOT, and is probably the fastest of its kind that I've seen). Of course, he also has a few others of decent speed--things to certainly beat any modern-day mainline.

I would try not to spend much more than $15 or $20 for one if you can avoid it. Keep in mind, though, that the best of these cars are some of the very best of any stock cars you'll find. At the LJLRC, we have a quarterly "King of the Hill" between a class of just BWF Camaros that qualify with a good enough track time, and a class of other cars that qualify with a good enough time ... so far, the Camaros have always won. And before that, when both classes were combined, the Camaros always won the monthly races of THAT.

Thanks for the feedback FOTF, I realize it's always a crap shoot to get a ringer, but that "what if" factor for the potential for elite speed is enticing to say the least....and I've blown $20-25 on some other stuff before.

^^^This is the car-correct?^^^
That's the one! I can see what you mean about that potential; just be prepared for disappointment as well. Good luck!

Good score! You can certainly take some flags with that one...assuming they're allowed to enter. Stock tournaments are your friend now.

Interesting that the trading card shows a convertible...just noticing...

I noticed that as well
I always wished there was a convertible version of it produced that had the same speed. It would be cool to have.

Yes, but now the wait for it to get here and hope it has elite speed...slightly anxious truth be told...lot of coin for a toy car.

LeagueofSpeed I hope The Lady of Speed doesn't ask me how much I paid for it :)

Missed on that Race Aces Country Club the hunt continues.

BWF JL Camaro-$

Ferrari F40 Gold Medal Speed-$

Ferrari Testarossa Gold Medal Speed-$ 

07 FTE Cadillac Escalade-$

16 Angels FTE-$

Trim Truck FTE (2- one stock, one to modify)-$

Slowly building up the LoS Fleet of Elite Speedsters

^^ Just scored the FTE '12-'10 Shelby GT-500 Super Snake
Another car with a decent reputation...we shall see

There's also a burgandy colored Mustang ('05 model year I think) with first generation FTEs that's quick. We don't see it too often at LJLRC but it's won a few times.  A black Escalade just won in our Sportsman class on the 30th and it didn't have the FTEs. Do have the Cadillac V16 with the FTEs?  That's also done well on our track. 

Not yet and I know of the Mustang you mentioned. I will keep an eye out for it.

Well, the JL BWF Camaro has decent speed, but not elite speed. Granted it may preform better on a different track set-up than what I'm using to test right now, but don't think it will be bringing home any trophies. I may bite the bullet on one more in the future, but will have to lick the wounds of disappointment for now.

Is this the Mustang your thinking of DVB

I believe that's the one. Unfortunately I can't find mine to make sure.
That's a fast car usually.
Found mine. Yes, that's the one.

The 07 Escalade FTE and 16 Angels FTE as good as advertised...very quick cars without any graphite. That Mustang 05 GT FTE is on the way 

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