Johnny Lightning Monster Jam Race for charity

Sunday, October 12th, 2014
model40fan Friday, 9/12/2014

The Lincoln Johnny Lightning Club is hosting a charity race for the A Wish Come True, Inc that helps grant wishes to children age 3 through 18 who suffer from life threatening illnesses that live in Rhode Island and parts of southeastern Massachusetts.

This event is being held on Sunday, October 12.

They will be running an "in the blister" Hot Wheels Monster Jam trucks-only race on their 6-Lane Raceway track with extended run out.

I know the trucks are $3.00 plus, but I asked Jeremy if some of our RLD racers might send in an entry...well, if any of our racers want to join me, they can send the "new" trucks to JLRC or dadvbal for donation.

Beyond the "truck and a buck" that their members bring with them, they can "adopt" a donated RLD truck for $1.00, race it, and then the money will be donated after the race is over.

If a RLD racer wants to include a $1.00 or more with the truck, he/she can receive the trophy if that truck wins it all...otherwise the adoptive parents get the hardware...

Contact dadvbal or the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club for more information...

ATT. the monster trucks with track aces wheels [slicks] are not acceptable... if you send one, I am, the trucks will be given to the AWCTI unopened and a johnnie collector will swap in one of his for we mail ins to race...

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Dadvball 9/13/14

The track is the plastic HW orange 6 lane with the gray fold down support legs.  Here's a pic I borrowed from Amazon.

We have it set up on two 6 ft tables.  The finish gate isn't used and I extended the middle four lanes almost 4 feet each with them ending in a quickly made cardboard catch box.  Two trucks run down the center four lanes.  It's not fast but then that helps eyeball the winner.  First truck in the box wins the race.  For now we'll have 2 or 3 adults be the judges.  Testing a bunch of trucks this morning was fun and ended up pretty easy determining the winner.  If it ends up being too close to call we'll switch lanes and run the two trucks again.

Any questions just ask here.  Thanks for the interest, and thanks Smitty for posting this!

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FOTF 9/13/14

Thanks for posting; the only thing I can see that's mistaken is that people don't have to send in-the-package Monster Trucks; they can send loose stock ones (is that correct, Bill?).

  • Unless things changed Jeremy said early they were to be packaged. — Dadvball
  • Okay--I'll leave Avenger in the package until further notice. — FOTF

looks like I'll need to eyeball these trucks on my next shopping trip...


EDIT!  Found one... I'm in!

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model40fan 9/16/14

I found a 52 ford grave digger panel truck, #27... grey and blue... got a little guy standing on the front wheel ?

  • ha, found the same....see ya in lanes 2, 3... — Traction-Event
  • comes with the worlds smallest trophy standing on the front tire... — model40fan
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Dadvball 9/17/14

Gotta get a few myself. WalMart around here has them for $3.88 or $7 and change for the two pack. Everybody else get almost $5 each. Grave Digger has been my favorite but I never really followed them. I think this is gonna be fun. 

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model40fan 9/18/14

I talked to the johnnies... they said the monster trucks with race ace wheels [slicks] are not acceptable... figures, that's the one I bought...

 But they will swap it out with a club member / vendor for a nobbie wheeled one for us to race... the slicked monsters will go to AWCTI unopened...

  • Dang! Looks like I'll be sending two trucks... — Traction-Event
  • Thanks Smitty for posting! — johnnyl
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johnnyl 9/21/14

Please mail all Hot Wheels Monster Jam trucks to 7 Vista Drive Lincoln RI 02865 ATTN Jeremy Morin

Package being shipped out to Jeremy today.  


Go kids go!!!

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model40fan 10/6/14

Tossed a monster truck with a dollar bill "scotch taped" to it in with the cops n' robbers parcel... go johnnies go !


  • parcel headed to seekonk — model40fan
  • You decided scotch taping crs wan't so bad after all, eh Smitty? :p — KandORacing
  • maybe you should ask brian to edit your post for spelling ? — model40fan
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kylejake 10/12/14

I would personally like to thank everyone that mailed in a Hot Wheels Monster Jam Truck to race in our Inaugural Lincoln Johnny Lightning Monster Jam Race today. Because of all of you we raised 48.00 dollars for A Wish Come True. Again thank you! Next race is Sunday November 9th!

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Dadvball 10/13/14

Yes, thank you guys for helping out, whether you sent in a truck or rented one!  This was a lot of fun and it's for a good cause.  They actually do a little bumping on the way down the track adding to the fun.  I just have to find a few more.  

If you have a Stop & Shop supermarket, check them out.  I got a two pack there that they normally have listed for $11.99.  The sign said discontinued, and with the S&S card I got it for $5.00.  Not back considering the least expensive I've found them is WalMart, at $3.88 each.

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