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Junkyard Joust Custom Car Battle

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Put me in! Likely joining a team. 

Yes please!

U_U will be sending a fleet for sure!

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DeeJay 5/25/22

I want in, may do a team

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PuffsRacing 5/25/22

This sounds like fun I'll send in a few vehicle 4 to5 

Bay City would love to be in this!  I'll likely team up as well.  Thanks Aaron!

Ca$h Money is ALL IN!! Been waiting for this one!!

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RaSungod 5/30/22

Ra Sungod Racing has a team of 5 to be sent in!

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Mayfield41 6/1/22

Yup, I will be ready with a team

I'll be sending in the "Sock Hop Slammers," a bunch of cars from the Sock Hop Slam that folks didn't want returned.

  • Is there a dark blue nomad in there? — MadMike
  • Any from Rockett Customs by any chance? lol — Redd_Rockett
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Big_Al 6/18/22

Working on my team now!  This is going to be awesome!

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johnson9195 6/25/22

Are there any slots still available?

Shippin out Monday

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