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Junkyard Joust Custom Tournament II

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And here's my team logo

First Team is ready to send and should be in the mail tomorrow
second team and the one I really wanted to send will hopefully be done by October 1st

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Redd_Rockett 9/25/23

No particular theme? Can I get in on this please? I'm thinking about entering the Malachi brothers again.

  • No theme, just custom vehicles. Let me know if you need the address — JunkyardJoust

I have a question about the joust. So if you make two teams can you add extras in case one them doesn't qualify?

  • Yes indeed. Just make it clear which ones you want me to prioritize — JunkyardJoust
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dr_dodge 10/2/23

My Logo for the trash truck team


I now have a

My cars are on the way junkyard to you

I have gotten one car to 44 grams.

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Scrapyard 10/8/23

Under Attaxi Cab Co. and Totaled Out Towing & Salvage are ready for dispatch.

  • nice!! — dr_dodge
  • Super cool. — Numbskull
  • some of those look to nice to smash together! — FredD
  • I love the cohesion and theme of your team, well done, I'll definitely be rooting for them — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • Ramp? We don't need no steenkn ramp! Nice crew there! — FredD

can we send a paper sketch of the team logos.

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Beaverworx 10/11/23

Beaverworx Team is on the way back

  • So i see that this team is a combination of your custom joust and apocalypse joust teams along with 1 new member. Looking good beaver — Kingjester
  • Very nice! — JunkyardJoust
  • looks brutally wonderful, this is gonna be quite a joust — dr_dodge
  • The new member is "Agent Zed" and Beavermuth grew a tail! Its almost for full 200g and is going down teeth first this time! — Beaverworx
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dr_dodge 10/11/23

I like that!!!


I have completed the first team the name is the Hot Rod Hijackers while the Calypso Crusaders is almost complete with the painting done and the assembling the cars is almost complete.

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