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Junkyard Joust Custom Tournament II

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What if my team comes in by Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

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MarioFan2009 10/14/23

Here The Zombie Outbreak Team And Logo

(Us) Hope We #OutLasted For The Gold# Good Luck

Here Is My Team Zombie Outbreak:The Team Members Are:

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JunkyardJoust 10/17/23

UPDATE:  You can still send me your team(s) up until the end of October.  I just need to know ASAP if you are sending yours so I can draw up the schedule.  

Hoping to release the first match on October 29nd.

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dr_dodge 10/24/23

Arron does a great interview!

I enjoyed it.   I didn't realize he did beer and board games, too.

Very cool stuff!

Beware of the Islands it's the Calypso Crusaders and the team names are (left to right)

Rustbucket 91g 

Ocean Blue 65g

Sunday Joyride 120g

Brick Buggy 48g 

Lifesaver 37 g 

Ocean Blue needs decals so I'm going to finish it up and then send it with the Hod Rod Hijackers

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Numbskull 10/31/23

Hell hath no fury.  Always late.  But never dead.  WIP.

The first qualifier is live!

  • interesting concept! Thinking maybe I will need to come up with a team next time! — FredD
  • :) — JunkyardJoust
  • fantastic first round!! — dr_dodge
  • Woot. Unbelievable. — Numbskull
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JunkyardJoust 11/16/23

Coming Sunday:

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