Just got my own set of Crash Racers Track

dustdriver Wednesday, 6/2/2021

I'm very happy with this set of Crash Racers track. I'm thinking about getting another set to expand my track layout to another table. I put a wooden block at the end of the track since I couldn't think of another way to keep the cars from going off the table at the end of the race. I have mostly just run two cars at a time so far, trying to decided how best to run extra cars too. I haven't connected a start gate to it yet, so I started by launching the cars by hand and then let them go around the track. This is my first Diecast Car racing video in quite a while, I'm really enjoying this track and will very likely continue racing more cars on this track over on my YouTube Channel. I would like to ask for ideas for expanding the track, what cars to use in future videos, and stuff like that. Also thanks to anyone who checks out my videos. 

Test Track Crash Racers Diecast Racing


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SpyDude 6/2/21

Use a pool noodle at the end of the track. Running cars into hard solid objects is never good for the cars (fun, though!) You can also expand the track by using a second (or third, or fourth, or twentieth...) Crash Racers set on the other side of the crossover, making a hill off the side of the table and down to the next level(s).

As for starting gates, there is a thread here on RedlineDerby in the archives about various starting mechanisms and finish lines. Some are your high-tech 3D-printed starting gates with flip down sections, others are as simple as a piece of cardboard held by posts on either side of the track. Whatever works for you.

Good start to what looks like will be a awesome track.

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D1G1T4L 6/2/21

Ahhh Yeah! Its all downhill from here! :)

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