K-Mart Collector Day 2/20, case opening, share your finds

Saturday, February 20th, 2016
redlinederby Friday, 2/12/2016
Site manager

Watch the replay of the live case opening from the first KMart Collector Day of 2016. Some cool castings in this box with a good spread of models, not many dupes. 


Start scouting your local KMart and making your hit lists.

And if you've never been to a KMart Collector Day before, check out member finds from the one last November.

Or, it sounds like you can buy boxes online starting 2/14...that's this Sunday! Think I might try to grab me one.



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redlinederby 2/17/16
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I ordered a box from KMart and I think it came today, so thinks the wife...so I'll be doing a video (maybe live) box opening. Should be a good test for the Pro Series preview too. I've never gotten a case before so kind of excited, just hope it's not 36 of the same 4 cars...either way, I'm sure there will be lots of dupes for trades or buys.

  • GOOD LUCK!! I heard last time, they accidently shipped early too. — CrzyTrkrDude
  • they are supposed to arrive the day of KDay. GOOD FOR YOU!! — CrzyTrkrDude
  • We'll see. Buying early was an option so I went for it. Either way, a big box of cars is pretty cool! — redlinederby
  • you are gonna feel like a kid at Christmas!! ENJOY!! — CrzyTrkrDude
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redlinederby 2/18/16
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I'm going to try and do a live stream of the box opening this Saturday in the evening, probably 10PM-ish after toddler bed time. The replay will be available after...going to use this as a way to test my video setup for the Pro Series preview show.

Big advance thanks to anyone that is able to watch live and help be troubleshoot video stuff.

I'll post here with for-sure times but also post on Facebook and Twitter.

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redlinederby 2/19/16
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Getting my "studio" prepped for tomorrow night's box opening. I know this is nothing new for many of you, and box openings are nothing new, but I'm pretty excited for giving this a shot. It will be live streaming so you'll get all the highlights, lowlights and you can chat along with myself and other watchers...should be fun.



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CrzyTrkrDude 2/20/16



I'll be moving all day.  Oh the joy!

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fordman 2/20/16

got many cases of HW from bernie, but they had already been opened, cars sold then repacked with the FTE s i ordered... but never saw a 36 car case... they were 72 car cases...

your's is a little like xmases of old...

... rip into it B...

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Bandeezee 2/20/16

Nice Square back, I missed that one too.  I didn't know they were selling boxes so early.  I think I'll be doing what you did next time.

Good Job Brian!  Thanks for taking the time to do it!

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redlinederby 2/21/16
Site manager

Check out the top of the page for the replay of the live case opening. Runs just about an hour but it went smoothly, I thought. I had a pretty good case too, not a lot of dupes and some very cool models that will look on the track and on the shelf.

So what did you score for your K-Day? 

I was happiest with a set of Porsches and a Ford rally car. The case did include all the KMart exclusive variants and first-to-markets, so I guess buying the case to avoid the trip to KMart worked out.

Thanks to the few that were able to tune in live, late on a Saturday night. I know there a few connectivity issues late in the hour, so I apologize. Not sure if the cause was me, the internet at large, YouTube or whatever...I'll try to tighten screws here so next time is even better.

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CrzyTrkrDude 2/21/16

I'm Sorry I missed the Live showing. Moving just about wipes me out every time.

I'll be watching the rerun soon as I can.

I always enjoy a good case opening! It sounds like yours was a SUCESS!!


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fordman 2/21/16

i'm not, and never been a collector, so it was kinda cool to hear the opinions of someone more interested in them as stockers than i am...

 they never warrent a comment here, just get moved out of the way to see what is behind them...

... do it again next year... B ...

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