Las Vegas Super ToyCon 2015

Friday, February 27th, 2015
redlinederby Tuesday, 1/20/2015
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I haven't been to a "big" diecast convention since 2011 but it seems like the Super Diecast Convention that happens annually in Vegas has morphed into Super ToyCon to cover all things toys and collectibles...makes sense.

It looks there will be a ton of diecast activities going on, from racing to customs to autographs. Tickets are as low as $10 for a single day pass.

I'm not attending but if anyone does, let me know and I can get you an RLD shirt to wear while you're there. Otherwise, don't forget to share your photos and stories when you get back.


There will be one kind of in your area at the end of March. Hot wheels collectors convention is in Lexington KY.   Sounds like I may be heading down there with wifes cousin and the boys.  Went to Chicago last year for one day and wasn't my thing as mostly the collectible and limited releases.  Nothing for a racer.  Want to hit the room to room selling and thinking I may find stuff there.  Plus wifes cousin is generous with his money and makes less expensive for us.  

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redlinederby 1/20/15
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Cool...Kentucky is certainly within distance for me. Probably won't make it this year, I gotta plan pretty far ahead, plus I'd love to get RLD in with some of these events...bring some more racing, just gotta find time to mingle.

But like you, I found the whole convention was 95% collecting and 5% racing. When I went to Nashville in 2011, it was fun but it didn't live up to how I had pictured it in my head. Here's my recap from back then...

The whole hotel room-to-room thing is just a big turn off, if you ask me. I've never been to any other convention that uses that model. I know it's standard practice for diecast convention and everyone seems happy with that format, just not my thing, I guess. The best thing for racers at these things seems to be the guys that are unloading carded mainlines for cheap, great for donors and parts.

  • ( I would imagine since it was happening anyways, they went ahead and made the motel room trading part of — CrzyTrkrDude
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KandORacing 1/20/15

I wonder what the racing there involves? I tried contacting the group that puts the event on and never got an email response.

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redlinederby 1/21/15
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The racing at the convention I went to was pretty limited. We had the huge 50-foot track with like 8 lanes or something but I don't recall it being like a big promoted activity. So people just kind of dropped by and signed up to race. Not surprisingly, the kids had the most interest...and then after the "real" racing was done they just played with it.

I know at the Super convention they (used to) do after-hours money racing. Not sure how it was organized but knew it was for the adults (most of Vegas is, right?).

But lets be honest too...these conventions are for collectors. Racing is a niche of a niche. But maybe someday we can have our own event that is all-racing with tons of tracks, workshops and parts. I think that would be awesome...someday...

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