Little bit of family racing.

41-14 Tuesday, 12/4/2018


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Diecast64 12/4/18

Good stuff guys. I was cheering for...well I won't give away the winner just yet. ;) but yeah, I was cheering for the winner the whole way. I kinda have a soft spot for that casting. It was one of my first pretty successful mods that helped me get my first Redline Derby win.

  • That’s awesome. I was actually surprised that casting went through the competition. It was a blast doing the video. A lot of work for such a small group of cars. I can only imagine the work you guys put in to video and edit your races. Hats off to you all. But I loved every minute of it. — 41-14
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LeagueofSpeed 12/4/18
Event coordinator kind of racing!!! Keep it up and have fun with it!!!

  • Thx. We had lots of fun. It was a good learning experience. — 41-14
  • And the inspiration came from all you guys who do this on a consistent basis. — 41-14
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Dadvball 12/5/18

That was awesome!  Great racing action and the video was fantastic. Loved every minute of it. Although my pick finished second lol. 

  • You don’t want to know what my pick was, if yours finished second you did a lot better than me. And I own the cars. There were a couple of upsets imo. — 41-14
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Jav74 12/5/18

Great job with the racing and video work. I think the video was right on par with the races we compete in. Does that mean we’ll be shipping cars to Canada for competition in the future?? Again, nicely done!

  • I’m hoping that we can host a race. Little more practice with the videos and some minor modifications to the track and we’ll be set. — 41-14


  • Haha. It’s in the works. Lol — 41-14
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