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When: Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hey modified car builders! The May 8, 2016 modified class race will be called "1/4 Mile Monsters" open to cars that you would see at a drag strip. Muscle cars, gassers, funny cars, dragsters, altereds. Sorry No trucks, suvs or vans. 4.5 inches long max. Any weight. With 5 weight classes.  Up to 40 grams.41 to 60 grams.61 to 80 grams. 81 to 100 grams. And 100+ grams. Dry lubes only. Medals for each class winner. Hurry and get your cars into the staging area.

No fantasy or concept cars in the 1/4 mile monster modified race. Must be a dragster or production street car.

Update in the rules for the May 1/4 mile monsters modified class.  If you are planning to run a funny car with no rivets to be drilled,  you must drill a hole in the chassis to identify it as a modified car. This will keep people from running them in stock class again. Once a car is modified it cannot be changed back to stock.

bravo !

Slight rule change for the May modified race class... pick ups, vans and SUVs are permitted. All vehicles will compete in their various weight classes. 

Builders start sending photos of your entries and their weights in grams.

Just thinking out loud here:  With about 2weeks to go before cars need to get mailed... Seems to be some late changes that could have an impact on those that have started building... . Also 4 classes of cars this month could hinder the number of participants. We only had 7 racers last month, with one class. 

I know this is the first year for modified class racing with LJLRC.  A solid, structured, unchanging set of rules each month will help mail in guys get their builds right, and in on time. 

My 2 cents... only worth half of that. 

I was going write that same exact post...couldn't agree more

I've already started building three trucks for this one.

RedlineDerby racers let me know how many of you are building car's for our 1/4 Mile Monsters Modified Race? I agree on the late change in rules so let me know how many you have built and are definitely in. This is our 4th Modified Class so we just need some more input to help us make this a more competitive class. Thank you for your patience!

I'll be entering this race.

I should have 2 for this race... 41-60g class, and 60-80g class

I can fit a nuke-shaped fishing weight inside my van to get it at over 100 grams! It's literally the bomb!

This is my 41-60g its sitting at 59g

This will be my up to 40g its sitting at 38g

Just needs paint now.

Sitting at 55g this one will be entered in the 41g-60g
Nice looking rides eastbound

here is my 44g-60g entry... in the spirit of the event... "Gas Crisis"

A-OK fuelcell, W2F grill, '55 gasser mill, '34 3 window body, not sure on the base ?. love the decals !
go TE go !
Awesome! Great job! Smitty will love it.
a good buddy of mine set me up with those decals.... Chassis is a 34 ford trimmed to fit, axle on the bottom
Looking pretty sweet! I might have a car or two laying around to run in that class :)
Neat decals and paint. Goodyear wheels too.

Sub 40g class... new front wheels, wing, and engine...

Cool, I might have a couple lightweights around here too :)

I can't let TE have all the fun...

Under 40, 40-60, 60-80 and new builds this month, but a couple speedy cars

some fast rides in that group
I defn want that firebird funny car!
Can we get a write up/close up of the firebird funny car?

Looking like we will get a great turnout of 1/4 Mile Monsters for the next race.

My cars are on their way...

9505 5113 5444 6117 5379 16

Looking good Chris! Gotta get mine done.

Make sure to get your car's mailed out soon! Only a week away!!!

Cars in today from Colorado and Michigan. 

These will be mailed out tomorrow for the race. One car for each weight class, and each were tested daily.

Cars in today from Tracksurgeon. Just waiting for eastbound357 hopefully tomorrow. Going to be a good field of cars in this class. Look for pictures and videos late on Sunday as this class will not be running until mid afternoon.

How many entries are there in each class?

We will let you know!

I posted videos and pictures from today's 1/4 Mile Monsters Modified Race on our LJLRC Modified RACING Facebook page. I will be posting race results soon on here along with some pictures. Congratulations Chris Taylor, Chris Raab, Voxxer Racing, and Cameron Daly. 

You could probably post a link to the appropriate facebook page, it took me a few times to find it searching for LJLRC

Congrats to the winners! I haven't seen the brackets yet, but the winners were...

Voxxer - under 40 gram

Traction Event - 40-60 gram

Chevy C10 - 60-80 gram

Chevy C10 - 80-100 gram

FOTF - over 100 gram

Some of the pics from the LJLRC Facebook page...

The winning cars...

Traction Event's 60 gram car...

Chevy C10's 80 gram car...

Fotf's over 100 gram  truck...

Thanks for running this race guys...I'm glad the modded cars are working out well for you.

I know that you are still sorting out your rules and such...and I know that you run A LOT of cars at your meetings. But I would like to make one suggestion, if I may.

If you are going to have a 'zero tolerance policy' in regard to the weight of the cars, please mention that in your rules (Brian provides a nice template for listing your races on here that lays out the rules nicely).  Generally, with the races on RLD...or, at least the ones I have competed in...there is some allowance for variance in scales...normally a couple grams. The way I look at it, 1 gram, even 2 grams should be allowed just due to different scales weighing differently...3 grams. I feel, is a little too much.

I had a car that weighed 59.5 grams on my scale, but it was force to race in the 80 gram class because it weighed 61 on your scale. Traction Event's funny Car also got bumped up to the heavier class by being over a gram.

I have no problem with you having no allowance for scale variance, but, if so, please note it in your rules (I would have drilled a few more holes in that '55 if I had known).

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Chris great point! We are talking about this going forward. I understand how all gram scales are different and we have to consider that. Thank you for your patience and that goes for all the mail in racers on RedlineDerby. 

We will be ordering the medals this week for all five 1/4 Mile Monsters Class Winners. Each medal will have the winners name on them along with the weight class they won in. We will be mailing them out hopefully by early next week and we ask the winners to submit a photo of them with the medal for our monthly online newsletter. Thank You!

We will mail all the cars out by weeks end!

Here are the brackets from the races...

40 gram...




Wow I actually did great on some of these. What about the 100+ gram class?

I didn't see them listed
The ones listed as Alex T.

I sent the bracket for the 100 and Up Gram Class to Traction Event.

The medals are ordered.

Track record! nice...

Voxxer Racing, Traction Event, and Chevy C10 I will be sending your car's out as soon as I get your medals in. 

No worries...whenever is fine! :)

My entries returned but their paint is all scratched up and their axles are bent way out of place. My FTE Way 2 Fast was in pieces too. Did they accidentally get dropped?

Probably got caught in the postal sorter

Track surgeon I sent you a PM

Got mine back as well... a little dinged up, but coming home with the hardware makes it all good. Besides these are the scars of battle...I think it looks cool and it will go in my case just as it sits. Sending in anything especially open wheeled racers is a risk. Jeremy and his crew do their best and treat these cars as their own... they do handle 500+ cars each race day.  Thanks LJLRC for all you guys do.

Chris I can't believe the way these cars are coming back to you guys. We mail lots of cars back each month and have been doing so for a good solid 4 years and never have had an issue with the  USPS.  It goes to show you that we have to pack than even better from now on. Very sorry Chris and Alex! 

I truly am not worried about it. My cars are one and done for racing... I do not blame anyone at LJLRC
Congratulations Chris, that is super!!! I need to give it a try.

I got my cars back today as well...

They said that they missed Jersey diner food we while they were away, so that is the first place they went!

Thanks Guys...keep up the good work!

We need to get some larger size pill bottles to ship in

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