Tournaments and RacingLJLRC DeLorean Modified Race, April 10th

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When: Sunday, April 10, 2016

DeLorean rules 45g 0.430 wheels max all same size. No stretching the casting. Remember dry lubricants only! Get em ready for April guys!

Can I get this in the events section.

If you use the race template for posting, if will automatically go to the calender :)
You can also just add a date to your topic and that'll flag it for the calendar
I added the date for you. It's on the new topic form.

How do you stretch a casting?

Start a new post with that question...Smitty does it all the time, he'll have pics

Is expanding the wheel wells via grinding considered stretching?

I would say no. However, you must use .430 dia ( basic size that comes on the car ) for you wheels. Stretching is makin the chassis longer
Is .430 diameter in cm or inches?
.430 dia in inches

Yes I agree with Voxxer!

Hello... McFly??

When this baby hits 88 miles per hour....

hmmmm.... what is your mom trying to be your girl ?
Love the gun metal grey flavor of that casting

Traction Event are you sending that one in to race?

Yes sir....

Just wondering who is in on this race? So far Voxxer Racing and Traction Event. Please let me know thank you!

I am almost finished with my entry.

I Just received Voxxer Racing two Deloreans yesterday. Anyone else mail any yet?

Mine shipped out this morning... Priority

My DeLorean has been mailed today. Bare metal and FTE wheels.

Has anyone been able to fit 0.430 inch wheels in a DeLorean?

It should be the stock wheel size that came on the car

Got these pics from Jeremy...

Voxxer racing is in the house

I received two packages today from Michigan and Virginia.

Congratulations to Chris Taylor on having the fastest Delorean today! Pictures and video to follow soon along with a picture of the ladder sheet.

Only 7 Delorean Modified Cars made the show!

toot toot!  <--  my own horn

FTE killer...

Congrats TE!
Nice! FTE is not always true.

TE did you use graphite in your DeLorean's wheels?

sanded wheels, polished axles, then graphite... zoom
Congratulations on the win!! That is one smoken DeLorean!!!

Here is the bracket!

First round

Voxxer Racing 2.292 losing to Tracksurgeon 2.267

Chris Taylors 2.254 taking out Ron Fletchers 2.312

Voxxer Racing (car#2) 2.287 losing to Kyle/Jake 2.283

Ron Fletchers (Car#2) Bye ran a 2.297

Second round

Tracksurgeon 2.265 losing to ChrisTaylors 2.240 (Fastest time of the race)

Kyle/Jake 2.286 taking out Ron Fletchers (Car#2) 2.293


Chris Taylor runs a 2.251 taking out Kyle/Jake 2.270

Congratulations Chris Taylor!

Congrats Chris Taylor.

Cars went out today to Chris Taylor, Tracksurgeon, and Voxxer Racing. You should have them on Monday. Thank you for participating in our Modified Class!

this old guy is on a roll...

Nice job TE! Congrats.
Awesome job, way to dominate again

Congrats Chris!

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