Tournaments and RacingLJLRC's Time Attack event in January...

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Here is the post from.LJLRC'S facebook page...

In the comment section, it says that they will be running an 'Outlaw' class with no axle or wheel restrictions and a 5 inch maximum length...this sounds right up my alley. I just hope I have rhe tIme to develop something cool!

My plan is to try to have 4-5 cars ready...probably go every other weight, 40g, 60g, 80g and 100g.

I hope that RLD will have a good showing at this event...time to hit those workbenches over the holiday weekend!!

See ya in lane 2!

Been waiting on this one...I'm in!!!

Like this format... not sure what weight classes to go after. My question is do the cars need to be diecast based? or can a full custom compete... I like the challenge of 20g,and 30g... 

ditto...that 20g class is feather weight...heck, maybe lint weight :)

What are the variances...dead on weight or is say 56.7g in the 60g class etc.

bingo, 51g-60g "60g" class

Okay, looked on the FB page and saw no mention of entry fee or shipping address...and what if you want your cars back?

I can get you the address, and entry fee is $.50 per car and they do return them
Great!!! Just PM me the info

I was goofing around in the Bone Yard and a plastic 77 Dodge Custom Van base/chassis w/ wheels and axels and the plastic CS 77 Dodge Custom Van body w/ windshield weighs in at 14.2g......hmmmm.


The Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club is still working out the kinks in this brand new Modified Class that is starting in January. For more information please Like our LJLRC Modified Racing Facebook page. I think this new Mod class is really going to take off! 

Yes it's 50 cents per car to race plus return shipping. We also offer PayPal. 

will do...see you guy's and gal's in January

Like LJLRC Time Attack Modified Racing on Facebook to follow this brand new class.

Our PayPal account is please make note what it's for (Time Attack Modified Racing) thank you!

Well the all plastic 77 Dodge Custom Van ran the length of Tobacco Road at 14.2g with just the body snapped on the, it should get better after some added weight and modification.

CS 67 Camaro at 28.4g...runs pretty well as is, so no weight just pop and polish the axels...set them and dry lube...out the door.

Mailing address is 7 Vista Drive Lincoln RI 02865 attn Jeremy Morin. If you send checks for the racing cost and shipping please make payable to the LJLRC. Thank you!

Further info...

Hmmm, what's going on here...a piece of .125" x 1.25" x 5" polycarbonate plastic, some bearings, fender washers...hmmm??

I'd say you're going Outlaw???
Yeah, I need to mess around with bearings more...lots of potential there!

Going to start my cars this weekend...looking forward to the challenge, competition and racing against some new people at the LJLRC. Most likely going to do just one car for each class....we shall see.

Leagueofspeed we are looking forward to having a new racer join us. 

When are the cars due in January?

Second Sunday in January. 


Actually the race is on the second Sunday so please have them to us by the first week in January. Thank you!

Will do...modding for two very helpful

Get your Mods ready January 14th is coming fast!!!!

I'll get some cars out next week...looking forward to it!!!

Anyone sending cars in soon?

The 14th is approaching quickly!

My modding plate was to full in's to hoping this is a month to month happening...really want to get some cars up there to race with you peeps.

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