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I have a 1962 Corvette from the Then and Now series, and it had a quality assurance fail, that has a string of red paint on the back passanger's side. I don't know how much it is worth. I bought it for $1.37, and heard that things like this in Mint Condition are pretty valuable. If any of you know how much it's worth, please let me know if you would please.

My third post-apocalyptic car is an '68 Custom Camaro.

My little sister designed where the weapons should go, and the color. So it was silver with purple trim, a big mimi gun mounted on the top, and a bent bar in the back.

CAR: Heavy Speed

DRIVER: Book Paige

BACKGROUND STORY: Late ago, the '68 Camaro was every ones favorite speed queen. It had every thing that you would ever need for fun racing.

Anyway, when the Camero was first sold in 1968, a man named Bartholomew Spears wanted to make is coustom enough to look like a whole new car! Fins on the back, upgraded engine, and different on-dash updates.

The car has been in his possesion for about twenty years, drag racing, cross country, etc. Then Mr. Spears got arrested and had to serve a nickle behind steel. After he got out, he was frightened to even get into a V4. So then saw the 1990 Pontiac Sunbird Convertable. With only a two cyinder engine, and the peacfullness of the interior, the comfort he got just driving it, he decided to sell the Camero.

It was sold to Lotta Speed, who took over for the fastness and racing.

And in some point in the time line from 2004 and now, it was closed off with many other Lotta Speed cars.

Then Book found the old relic, and needed it to be used as a racer, with the societie's current style, so she got a large mini gun mounted on the top. One shot from that thing could blow off any oncoming missile or rocket with ease.

1972 Corvette Stingray Convertible


At first, I was thinking about turning this car into a hardtop. This is because all of the ‘Movie Magic’ may be taken away when seeing nobody in the driver’s seat. But I didn’t because that would mean not getting to do the extra stripe on the back.

I got three Corvettes originally: One to keep in mint condition, one to take out and play with like a three year old, and one to customize. C3 Corvettes being my favorite car ever made and all, I thought that I should customize one. So the two that I took out of the package, I did a 1v1 with them, and the winner’s prize was to get itself customized.

I did a metal flake red paint job on it, like my Trans Am in the MCM American Muscle, and a metal flake silver stripe down the middle top. Then I put a horizontal silver stripe across the other stripe on the back, and stretched down on the sides.

CAR: The Reverend

DRIVER: Jack B. Quick

BACK STORY: After the Korvins got tired of their ‘65 Mustang, they wanted something a little more fun, fast, and over all; better. What car fits this description better than the C3 1972 Corvette Stingray? EASY! The C3 1972 Corvette Stingray Convertible with a custom paint job! 

The Korvins bought the car in ‘72, when they got the red with a silver cross paint job. They entered ‘The Reverend’ in many small town legal races with God on their side, with many great outcomes.

But the Korvins are like many people; can’t find a car that they haven't loved. They bought a red 2009 Chrysler 300c and moved down to Las Vegas. They made as many improvements as they could, and made it one heck of an illegal city racer.

Though, they were so good at winning those illegal races, that they couldn’t keep clear from the 5-O. Now, many people drink up cars, but they must be the first people to ever BAIL up a 300c.

When the Korvins sold the Chevy for the Chrysler, they sold it to the DHCROLV, who is currently trying to find an abbreviation for their abbreviation. DHCROLV stands for “Down Hill Car Racers of Las Vegas. They have a downhill track as long as about 60 1971 Dodge Chargers, and can race five cars at once.

After people started entering their own cars, instead of borrowing the DHROLV’s and having to pay Auto Insurance, the DHROLV decided to sell The Reverend to Lotta Speed.


CUSTOMIZATION: I got my inspiration for this from a Wii game I just got; the Cars: Mater-National Championship, and their ‘Rust Bucket Races.’ I really wanted this truck to have the rust bucket look, so I got the silver metal flake nail polish, and lightly put it on the body. Then I got some brown Acrylic paint to layer on the vehicle. I got the same metal flake silver nail polish, and I coated the bumpers to give it the “Rust-eze” look.

DRIVER: Jack B. Nimble

THE CAR”S STORY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED WITH IT BEFORE THIS VERY MOMENT IN TIME: This is another nab from “Beat’s Nick," "Where only affordable cars are found” as Nick likes to say. Apparently, back in ‘57, the ‘Classic Year,’ this car was sold to a member of a truck gang. Like a motorcycle gang, these guys like to travel together, and are very quick. This car belonged to Jackson Danny Alls, their leader. After Danny bought it, he got a blue and purple flame job on black for his high style car, ASAP. And he was the rod of pure heat! All eyes turned on Alls and his truck. And any one who wanted to go up against him in the street, did not like the outcome.

In ‘72, he sold the truck for an El Camino. He sold it to a small town guy in New Mexico, who used it to ship himself and his equipment all around from town to town. He was a handyman, see. And he needed a wide bed for his materials. When he finally retired in 1989, he sold it to Beat’s Nick. This is where it has been deteriorating for 27 years. Then possession changed yet again, when Lotta Speed, who used it as a utility truck. Then in 2024, Lotta Speed’s ‘Last Decision People’ decided to convert this rusty, junky piece of junk, into a rusty, junky racer. This may or may not of been (We are not at liberty to say) just a shameless grab for ratings.

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