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Magtrack/Sizzlers vs Adventure Force

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CapperDeluxe 3/22/21

the one that interests me is have any of the 3D printers out there tried making an adaptor to run DUAL  crash racers side by side  so 4 lanes wide with a ridge on the middle like we have with orange track that can lead into sizzler / magtrack that can then lead intoSingle crash racers (or even down a stage further to single hotwheels orange for a run off track?

  • Woah...that's like track inception. If you can post a doodle or sketch, that would be handy. — redlinederby
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CapperDeluxe 3/22/21

@redlineDerby it's more a idea at the moment but without the 3 car wide sizzler/fattrack/magtrack and joint sections  it would look something like 4 individual lanes to 2 Crash racers narrowed slightly to 1 FatTrack/Sizzlers/MagTrack , then narrowed again to 1 Single Crash racers then after the finish narrowed 1 last time to a single lane of orange track for the run off with joint sections to narrow the track to the appropriate width so you don't have Harsh stops  but gently funnel parts into each other

  • You might be able to do that center section with some coroplast, and make it gradually funnel down to the crash racers track. That way you could get some good four-across slam-bang action before it comes down to the smaller section. Or are you looking for four singles going into a pair of two by two's first, with each pair of cars battling it out, and then into a single crash racers track? — SpyDude
  • Yeah Spydude , thats exacly my thoughts, 4X1 - 2X2 narrows - 1X3 Narrows -1X2 -Finish then narrows to 1X1 for a run off — CapperDeluxe
  • Coroplast should work for that center section. Might want to try cutting out some cardboard, see if you can get the shape down to where you want it, then reproduce it in coroplast. — SpyDude
  • it could be done with some funnel type connectors or even a funnel going from the 2X2 the a 1X2 ( that would certainly make the corners easier ) something similar to the pinch at Shredder speedway but not as harsh and hence the pattern above — CapperDeluxe
  • — CapperDeluxe
  • — CapperDeluxe

Some other track that has been forgotten along the way is Hot Wheels Nascar Speedway.  Many wrote it off as just another Sizzler's or Fat Track because the Nascar cars were basically Sizzler cars.  However, the track is only 2 wide, not the usual 3 wide.  It is gray in color, and appears to match up nicely to the Adventure Force track in look and size.  In addition to having straight pieces, the set also includes two 'pit stop' straight pieces where the users could cause their Sizzler car to pit and then recharge them mid race.  For regular downhill racing, these would make for some good pieces to break up the monotony of plain straight pieces.  There are also nice 2 wide curves included in this set. 

Also, the Hot Wheels Light Speeders Challenge set is another 2 wide open track system produced by Mattel.  It is black in color, but is mostly made up of the same type track pieces as the Nascar set.  It does include some 2 wide curves as well.  There are some cool additional pieces like a 2 to 1 lane merge piece that I haven't seen anywhere else.  A complete set also includes some single lane track that is different than the usual Hot Wheels single lane.

One last forgotten track set by Hotwheels is the Super Changers Drag Strip.  This includes what looks like 3 wide track with higher side walls.  It comes will long straight away pieces that connect with a similar system to that of regular Hot Wheels single lane track.  The connectors fit in a middle rail under the track.  This track is black in color and seems to be much harder to find than the other tracks.  I have some on the way, so I'll be able to let you know just how compatible it is in the coming weeks.  But overall, the higher walls look as though they could be beneficial in keeping your cars on the track.  Although, they could hinder filming.  There are no curves included in this set, as it is purely a drag strip.

Just some other track sets to think about including in your searches.  Hope these can help you out.

  • Thanks for adding those to the list, good things to keep an eye out for. — redlinederby
  • Good selection of alternate track pieces, CT. Thanks for the heads-up. — SpyDude

Turns out the Light Speeders set I mentioned, while chock full of great two lane pieces, is not compatible with other 2 lane track.  The pieces have a middle connecting piece, where most all other 2 lane tracks have two tabs to connect the track, and not the single one in the middle.  The only feasible way to make an awesome track using these pieces is to buy multiple sets.  

As for the Super Changers Drag Strip, it is an amazing source of straight 3 wide track.  There is a total of 40 feet of straight track included.  Unfortunately, that's about all you can do with the track.  While it is 3 wide, it is not 100% compatible with Sizzlers track.  It, too, is only joined by one connector in the middle.  There are guides on the sides of bottom of the track that are just too tight to get it to fit with fat track without some sort of manipulation or cutting involved.  There is no way to connect this track directly to turns.  It would entail a transition to the fat track and have the fat track connect to the turns.  However, there is no going back from fat track to this track because the Changers track is just slightly thinner.  If your cars are running along a rail, there is the possibility that they will hit the Changers track in the transition.  But if you're looking to do a 40 foot 3 wide open race, this is an awesome track to work with.  The walls are higher than any traditional track sets, so it is highly unlikely a car will skip off the side.  And while a plastic track, it has a different feel than the fat track, and doesn't seem to invoke as many 180's on the track.

I finally got around to pulling these tracks out with the intent to set up some major racing.  You can imagine my disappointment when I found these flaws.  But I had to make sure to relay this information to my fellow racers to make sure no one else ran into these issues and everyone knew exactly what to expect before buying.    

  • At least you did the research on everything first and reported your findings. This is the kind of reporting we need in here for alternate track materials. — SpyDude
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Plibbo64 5/23/21

Thanks for this topic and others addressing track.

My son got into hotwheels recently which has led me down this road where I'm buying multiple crash racers sets hoping to make my own track at some point.

  • And down the rabbit hole comes another racer! — SpyDude

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