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Mail in race Survivor series

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WesCoasin 5/10/24

Wes Coasin reporting for duty

Please count me in for 1 if there is any room left. 

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BD_Racing 5/11/24

I would like in.

The FastLane Speed shop proudly presents the vettes speedsters 

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01Maverick 5/13/24

I'd like to join if possible. I got my Jaguar XJ-220. I just need to add weight to it

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MWAI_Racing 5/14/24

I'd like 2 spots please

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Foursix 5/15/24

I want in!

Just for clarification......I read it to say 1 entry per household.    Is 1 entry allowing 2 cars?    I'll send a 2nd car if I can?


In for 2 cars? 

My apologies. I just started to build a car and forgot to ask if it was OK to do so. Is there a spot available?


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AJ_Grey 5/23/24

Can I join?

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Spirit_Of_64 Yesterday

We'll join if there's still space!

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