Making scenery, cheap (free)

RanEast Thursday, 5/27/2021

I was wondering if anyone had any off the wall ideas for making scenery to make my track look... well not good, that's not really my goal for the No Budget Speedway maybe... interesting?

I already have a plethora of Lego mini figures and loads of cardboard for buildings but just want some other ideas that may be fun? It would have to be easily dismantled/rolled up and likely be something I have already. 

No Budget Speedway: Fast and cheap because good is no fun.


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Dadvball 5/27/21

I would suggest checking the craft section of your local Dollar Tree. They may have odds & ends you could use and ya can't beat the price. 

By the way, I really like your building background. Totally different with a cartoonish look.  I think it would be awesome with the whole street like the section you show. For some reason it made me think of the movie Mask. 

Very cool!

  • I found that image on a preschool kids craft idea site, not mine but... YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!! I'm going to use my artistic skills which are on par with that. — RanEast
  • Also look at the movie “COOL WORLD” and study the buildings there. It would be fun seeing a cartoony racetrack that would fit in perfectly with all the fantasy and tooned vehicles. — SpyDude
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redlinederby 5/28/21
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Interesting...the preschool theme is definitely one you don't see a lot, so it will certainly stand out. "Preschool" might be the wrong word...simple and undetailed might be better :)

Having a more basic theme around your track will not only be cheap but could also highlight the cars more. While the super-detailed dioramas are amazing, I find them often detract from the cars and racing itself because the environment is more interesting. A hand-drawn style would be more than bare (like my track) and get the point across without shifting focus.

I think you're on to something. As far as making stuff...just keep all your trash! Stash your cardboard and cereal boxes, hang on to water bottle caps and stuff. Dollar Store is great for little crafty items and weird things. The kitchen section at Dollar Tree has fun shapes and items, and their office aisle has extra foam board and materials. Between your Amazon deliveries and a dollar store, you could have something fun and interesting for under $20.

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