Matchbox at Dollar Tree

Mike70 Tuesday, 5/24/2022

In these days of supply chain woes with diecast cars,I found it of interest that Dollar Tree in my area  of southern California is stocking "short card" Matchbox cars. I've not seen these before anywhere else, although I have encountered the Matchbox boxes at a 99 cent store. As might be expected the pickings were slim, but I got a nice white Alfa Romeo Guilia for my collection. just thought someone might be interested.


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Bongo 5/24/22

Not spotted any short cards yet in NorCal but the matchbox cars at Dollar Tree are down to one London cab and the lots of these little airplane tugs or whatever they are. Maybe at the next restock. 

  • Those London cabs have good wheels. I use them for wheel donors. I ran a set of those on my Firebird in the Scrappers Showdown at Monster Motorsports (placed third). — SpyDude
  • Whoa! Nice! I have one I’ll have to run down the track and see if I got a good one — Bongo
  • Polish up the wheels and axles, and it runs great. — SpyDude
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CrazyEights 5/24/22

I found Jada's at mine. My DT usually has better selections than Walmart when they have cars. I got 2 cyber trucks from DT as well.

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SpyDude 5/25/22

I went peg-hunting at my local Dollar Tree, and found lots of them!  Not cars - empty pegs where the cars should have been.

Several DT's in my area have begun filling in the empty spaces with other merchandise, because they already know that there will be no cars coming in (I heard this from three different employees in three different stores). Dollar General? Literally nothing since last May. They don't even HAVE a spot reserved for cars anymore.

It sucks.

  • That kind of explains the short card Matchbox cars in my area. If you aren't getting your normal shipments you take what you can get. — Mike70
  • I've found a greater number of the Matchbox shorts at Dollar Tree but the selection within the case seems quite limited. The Mazda CX5 and Mazda 3 are plentiful peg warmers at many places. I personally think they would be good candidates for racing due to the body style configuration having room for added weight. a bit of arcane info I learned recently states that the number assigned to a particular casting varies between short card, long card and boxes. — Mike70
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Bongo 6/7/22

Short cards landed in NorCal over the weekend 

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CrazyEights 6/8/22

Maybe matchbox is conserving paper. Less paper more profit

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CrazyEights 6/30/22

Finally got those short cards at my dollar tree. Found 4 of the Tesla roadster. Sweet casting!

  • I just got one yesterday, too — Bongo
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