Matchbox Toyota Supra

RobertBcfc Monday, 10/17/2022


I've heard there's a fast one out there.  It's a black casting, I believe, but I'm not sure of the year.

Would anyone be able to help me out with any details of ones they've found?


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pratman2 10/17/22

I'm not by any means an aficionado, but this 1994 Matchbox Toyota Supra Turbo is definitely one of the fastest cars so far on my track out of the box.  It's a "Super Fast" model and has a metal bottom.  The best I can tell it's at least a 1993 production model (Matchbox didn't put a date on the packaging for the model year).  They're on ebay and come in other paint schemes.  A new one in this scheme won't have the black panel lines my 13 year old self thought looked good on this one in 1994.

  • Looks great, thanks so much for coming back. I really like the look of it and will definitely try to pick one up — RobertBcfc
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GspeedR 10/27/22

I think you may be referring to the `82 Supra which was released in solid black as a 1983 Hot Ones vehicle. It's probably one of most elusive of the original Hot Ones. It was re-released in the 2012 Hot Ones, but they are also pretty HTF.

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