Sunday, October 22nd, 2023
Hosted by Live Young Die-Cast

Race review


The MBX diecast rally 2023 was an event that lives one life on one track. The “Waterloo Run”This event will likely return next summer in a slightly different form.

I invited 8 teams to build an identical set of vintage 90s era Ford rally castings that come compete with stock suspension. They are fully modified but no need to custom build suspension.

The track was built in Cincinnati during our brief time there thus it’s one life. We are back home in Austin, TX to build a new Deep Eddy Raceway….again.

Huge thanks to all the teams who joined in the fun:
Raw SunGod
Tiny Track Cars
Chase Family
Iron Beard Customs
Flat Rabbit Racing Club
and the tournament champion: Smooth Boy Racing (Biscuit Brown & Chowdah Charlie)

The team went full Shake ‘N Bake mode to pull down the win. The Iron Beard Customs team took home 2nd place as well as the honors of wining the Stage 1 round. A truly fast team.

In real rally racing a team navigates multiple stages of the course, each stage is timed and those times come together for a total time score. Stage 1 was a little nod to this format where both cars on a team took solo runs for a cumulative timed score.

A really fun event, thanks for watching, and stay tuned for the new Deep Eddy Raceway in 2024….or maybe sooner.

Lone Star

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