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MCM American Muscle

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WallyChamp73 11/6/23

Can New Jersey Drive Racing enter thie event?!?!

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EnochEl 11/6/23

Count me in!

Count me in, please, if there's still space!

Are we still good to enter this?

if so we want in.

I'm definitely in for this!

Are we too late - can we grab a spot ?

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DemonPreacher 11/15/23

I'm in, if anything is open.

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ConMan 11/17/23

Count me in for a spot!

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Sneaky_Bob 11/17/23

If you still have a spot Vapor Diecast Racing will take one with Sneaky Bob behind the wheel.

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BlueLineRacing 11/18/23

Do you consider American Muscle any American V8 or are you using a certain year range?

  • feel free to choose from your slowest muscle era cars... lol — FredD
  • Yes, any "American" production car with a V8, any year. — Papa_Pugsley
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Marco_Polo 11/19/23

Polo Racing is in for this one!!!

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Hartbeat 11/21/23

Is a Ford GT-40 considered American muscle?  If so I would like a spot please.

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