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MCM American Muscle

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WesCoasin 11/24/23

Got 1 for ya of you're still taking

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BadWoolRacing 11/25/23

Bad Wool Racing would like a crack at this one!

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SpyDude 11/29/23

Due to unexpected personal issues, I may have to withdraw from this event. I will do my best to get something together, but for now I will sideline my car to allow the next person on the list to race. If anything changes, I will let you know.

  • There is no limit, if you get it done go ahead and send it. If not, I understand — Papa_Pugsley
  • Sending good vibes and lots of Octaine to ya! — Bent_Rod_Racing

Count me in!

Count me in 

We would like a spot.

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button 12/18/23

Id like to enter. 

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Fat_Dad 12/18/23

Room for another driver? 

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Old_Sarge 12/19/23

Any room left? I would like a spot.

I'll send one if there's still room?

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Victorfastlane 12/28/23

I'm in 

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Beaverworx 12/31/23

If there is still a Spot... Beaverworx would like in...

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