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MCM American Muscle

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JACRacing 1/26/24

I'll take a spot

Olds 442 gettin' ready to race

After another three coats of paint & clear coating....

Is an Oldsmobile Toronado good to send in? I know they were FWD but I really want an excuse to drill into a beat-to-hell Johnny Lightning. Don't run into many in bad enough shape to drill, strip the paint and wheel swap (I got plenty of mustangs and monte carlos as backup and I'll be sending the cars over probably later this week/this weekend )

  • Ya sure, go with the Toronado — Papa_Pugsley
  • I have one awaiting mods... will be good to see how yours does! — FredD
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Marco_Polo 2/2/24

On it's way to MCM!!! Hopefully be on time!!!

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UncleAndy 2/5/24

I'd like to send a muscle car!

  • The deadline is sneaking up. If you can get it in by the 14th you are in. — Papa_Pugsley

Heading off tomorrow...

  • Looks fast, as my wife always says, flames make a car go faster LOL — Papa_Pugsley

Chuck Champus is en route and ready to tango

  • Got the FTE’s on that mustang I see, looks fast — Kingjester
  • looks good — Numbskull
  • Looks great — Papa_Pugsley
  • We will see if I modded it fast enough to keep up with the rest of you… I don’t have my own track to test with so i’m shootin blind — ConMan_Customs
  • Nice looking paint job! Hope she runs quick! — StrayDog
  • I love the paint compliments because it’s the stock paint job, haha! Still haven’t done enough research to do my own paint jobs but it’s in the works. All my mods are for speed! — ConMan_Customs

Former Treetops champion and track record holder coming out to race. Hopefully my third time is a charm and I'm not finishing upside down again.

'Cuda on the way. Supposed to be there by Wednesday. Hopefully it'll roll forwards. 

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StrayDog 2/9/24

On the way!

  • Great looking car — Papa_Pugsley
  • FTE’s only on the rear? Can’t say i’ve seen that before — ConMan_Customs
  • Thanks! — StrayDog
  • The front wheels spun pretty free so I left them on — StrayDog
  • Nice! I like the decal. I bet it'll be fast — ConMan_Customs
  • The decal is the comic shop I work at. And I'm hoping it's fast! Still learning how to mod the cars... — StrayDog
  • Same for me, this is my first modded race. We'll see how it goes — ConMan_Customs

The 14th is a Wednesday, I had a setback with the chassis of my car and it won't make it for Wednesday but it'll definitely make it out in the mail for Saturday the 17th. Am I still good?

  • yes, that will be fine — Papa_Pugsley
  • My car fought me, I couldn't get any speed, so ended up building a whole new lower — dr_dodge

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