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M.C.R Gauntlet 6 Track Event

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I'm in. Are car numbers optional?

I'll send 2

Stoopid Fish Racing would like a shot!

I'm in

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RayRaySugar 2/17/24

Hell yes I'll race on my Birthday

  • U got it — Bolo_Brown
  • That be a good birthday present if you win — Bolo_Brown
  • Just don't put me in the same first heat with Blueline, Milestone, Papa Pugsley, Uncle Elvis, or anyone else. I should get a first round bye, right? At my speed, second round is a win! — RayRaySugar
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GBURacing 2/17/24

I'll give it a go!!! In for 2.

I'll get in

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Papa_Pugsley 2/18/24

I am in for 2

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Uncle_Elvis 2/18/24

Been waiting for a reason to open this. In for two

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AndyMan7 2/18/24

Add me in 

Yes 2 for me please.


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RaginRicky 2/19/24

Count me in for 2

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