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M.C.R Gauntlet 6 Track Event

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I haven't been able to find the terrordome track. Could you give me some specs such as open/closed lane and track length?

Also one of the cars I am thinking of sending is a "rockin' railer" which is about 3.25" long and has a wheel base of 2-1/16" do you think it will be able to make it through the sharp 90s of the doc's wings international multiplex? 

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AndyMan7 4/14/24

I'll give it another try. I'm in for 2.

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AbbyNormal 4/25/24

OK looks like a good time - Please put Abnormal Speed Racing down for 2 cars. 

  • U got it — Bolo_Brown
  • I’m assuming that if my cars are multiple colors of those listed it will be okay. Let me know. — AbbyNormal
  • Only the colors of the affinity stone can your car could be — Bolo_Brown
  • 1) Blue 2) Red 3) Yellow 4) Green 5) Purple 6) Orange — Bolo_Brown
  • Ok just to be sure you want solid colors? I have a car that is purple and orange. — AbbyNormal
  • That's cool — Bolo_Brown
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BD_Racing 4/30/24

I'm in for 2 cars if there is still room.

I'm game for 2

Count me for 2 buddy...

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Willie_G1 5/9/24

I'll take a couple if ya have any spots left 

Could I participate 

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