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MCR New Years Battle Royal

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BadWoolRacing 11/23/23

Bad Wool Racing would like to join the fun if you're still accepting entries!

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Imaginasean 11/24/23

Count me in please, if there is room!

I believe we can get 2 entries off to you yet this week if there is room?   This will be our 1st event!

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Crazy_Canuck 12/1/23

Cars are enroute as of today...see you soon

  • Yes sir. Appreciate you brodi — WesCoasin
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Big_Poppy 12/5/23

May I send a few?

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MQHracing 12/7/23

So will this be on the mcr u tube channel?

  • Yes.... video might be long but will be on the YouTube channel — WesCoasin
  • Cool can’t wait hope it’s up today. I like longer videos so that’s cool wit me — MQHracing
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Fat_Dad 12/7/23

Still time to join? (I thought I had already joined lol) 

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Big_Poppy 12/8/23

5 on there way!

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Big_Poppy 12/9/23

Heading your way for the bash!!

  • Wow and a Ferrari f40? Fancy — Kingjester
  • Nice work. Looking good. Good luck. It's almost time to rumble. — WesCoasin
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Uncle_Elvis 1/1/24

Link for the video?

  • Channel is called Miniature Car Racing and profile name is @MiniatureCarRacing7677 — BadWoolRacing
  • — WesCoasin

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