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Modified Diecast Series (MDS)

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AJ_Grey 1/20/22

Count me in

Rez/Rez Wheelz Racing.

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RLoRacing 1/20/22

Almost have 2 ready

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Crazy_Canuck 1/20/22

...and here...we...go...

ROADRAGE RACING would love to enter and send two cars. 

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Dogtown 1/27/22

Can Dogtown play?

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RaSungod 1/29/22

Ra Sungod Racing had two competitors ready to go!

I entered this already right?  Well, I have two cars coming so I hope there's room!  Thanks for doing this!

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Numbskull 2/17/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  100g.

  • Ya don’t see many TVR’s…this should be interesting… — Crazy_Canuck
  • It's my new favorite casting. I just hope it does okay. lol. — Numbskull

Does the HW Shoebox count as a real car, given its a 1949 Ford? If so,  I have 2 entries ready.

Either way, count me in please - Fractal Panda Diecast Racing

Hey! Please sign me up!!! (for two)

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Bongo 3/23/22

Is there still space? Bongo Motorsports for two, please! I love this track.

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Sam_Haul 4/11/22

Btw, what is a "monster" car?  Like a monster truck, with the big wheels?  Or like a Frankenstein car, frame-swapped?

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