Modified Diecast Series (MDS)

Friday, July 1st, 2022
Hosted by The Diecast Dude Racing Network
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DiecastDudeRacing Monday, 1/10/2022

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Welcome Diecast fans. We are still accepting entries for the Modified Diecast Racing Series or MDS for short. This tournament is for the elite. Stock cars won't be accepted. 

This event will be spanning all of the 2022  season and leading up to the Survivor Series 2.0 in December with new "The Builders Cup" up for grabs. 

Please confirm your entry in an email to or down below and don't forget to send your artwork to be displayed all over the track. 

All entries must be sent to,
Diecast Dude Racing
PO Box 249
Hartwood, Va 22471

There is no deadline for entries received, as this will be an ongoing tournament for the remainder of the channels life rolling each year to the next season. If you want to make it into the 2022 season the deadline for recieving emtires will be  JULY 1, 2022

The first qualifying round is set for 2/23/21. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES FOR 2022 WILL BE JULY 1, 2022

Be sure to stay tuned for more announcements regarding the MDS. 

Rules & restrictions

  • Modified entries only
  • 100g maximum weight
  • 3.25in. long x 2in. tall x 1.25in. wide
  • Limit 2 entries per household
  • Retail axles and wheels only. FTE/NPA axles allowed.
  • Dry lube only
  • Cars must be camera ready with no offensive branding or logos
  • The last qualifying tournament before the finals will be September 2022. Cars received after that date will be rolled into Season 3
  • No fantasy, monster, or prototype concepts will be accepted. Entry must be an actual car. 

  • The winner will receive the spoils but the entry will stay to defend his title each season until they are knocked off the Mountain. 

  • Qualifying will be four car races alternating starting positions with the top 2 drivers advancing each month until we are left with 16 entries in the playoffs to start Sept 1, 2022

Dates & deadlines

The first qualifying entries must be received by the host before Wednesday, 2/16/2022 Final entries for this season must be recieved July 1, 2022. Racing is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, 2/23/2022 and continue through the year. Entries recieved after this date will be added to the next available qualifying race. Results will be posted on or after that date as is convenient for the host.

How to enter

Send your entries to:
Diecast Dude Racing
PO BOX 249
Hartwood, Va 22471

The entry fee for this event is free and will only be the postage required to get your car to Brick Mountain Speedway.  

Entries will not be returned and will be given to the winner as part of the Grand Prize. 

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


Racing will be on the Brick Mountain Speedway Race. View track profile and specs

Race format and scoring

This will be a single-elimination tournament. A car will move on in the bracket if it finished in the top two. Cars will alternate lanes between each race.

Bracket seeding will be based on time trial qualification.


Cars are given a grace of 1g over the stated weight limit to account for variance in scales.

If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car will not qualify for victory. Offending cars will still race. Finish position and any prize will go to the runner-up in the case of the penalty car winning.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track, or that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches. Cars that arrive broken will attempt to be minimally repaired before the racing begins. Cars that break during racing will not be repaired or replaced.


We want to make this fun and entertaining for all with some added incentive to the 2022 winner. And for that, the winner of the Diecast Dude Racing Modified Diecast Series will receive, a $100 Amazon Gift Card, a random Mystery Box of Hotwheels with at least one Treasure Hunt inside and finally….. the big grand prize…. To the winner goes the Spoils, an added bonus. The winner will take home the loosing entries for their collection.


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Numbskull 1/10/22

This sounds awesome.  Count me in for 2 please.

-Numbskull Racing

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Endcount 1/10/22

This is awesome. I've always wanted a chance to race on this track. I will definitely send in 2 cars.  

I'll be a part of this.  Absolutely!  Two cars comin'.

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Crazy_Canuck 1/10/22

Count the Crazy Canuck in as well... expect a 2 car delegation from WNM Speed Shop

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Bolo_Brown 1/10/22

  • You could count me in for 2 cars this should be very interesting.

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MadMike 1/10/22

Im in for 2

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WallyChamp73 1/11/22

N.J. Drive Racing wold love to participate!

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EnochEl 1/13/22

I want in too!

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AJ_Grey 1/13/22

I'll enter 2

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GrumpyCloud 1/14/22

Sounds great! Can I enter my "Hanzo" car that you already have? I want to see how it holds up on the open track against other rigs. 

  • Yes. I will pull it from shipping. — DiecastDudeRacing
  • Thank you! I hope to get a second car out to you for this event later in the year. — GrumpyCloud

This event will remain open. Cars will race in qualifiers in the order which they are recieved. Once your entries are recieved, they will be logged and scheduled to race. We will post as many entries as we can to our Facebook Page for check in, but don't hold us to that.

If you already have a car here from the Survivor Series and would like to reuse it, we will make the exception for this tournament.* (Being that these cars won't be returned for this event, if you sent return postage for that car, we will send your refund or you can opt to have it added to the final prize.)

  • In that case, I'd like to re-enter the Tyrannosaurus Lex, please! — Spirit_Of_64
  • We got your car in — DiecastDudeRacing
  • Sweet, thanks! — Spirit_Of_64
  • Tempted to re-enter my Ferrari for this, but I'd want to give it a re-lube. Unless you'd be willing to do that? Also would want to send in another entry. — Sam_Haul
  • Sam haul, your Ferrari is on its way to you already. Make some adjustments and send back — DiecastDudeRacing
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Dretty 1/19/22

Dretty - Mini Mafia Motors - count me in for 2!

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