Modified Rigor Motor

FredD Sunday, 9/17/2023

I saw a vid for a halloween LCDRL contest using modified Rigor Motor... so I made this little dude and sent him in!

Maybe it is fast enough... 


F'D Racing


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dr_dodge 9/17/23

looks good


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SpyDude 9/19/23

Nice. What did you use to make the shell on the front end?

  • I like how he reversed the canopy too, subtle but looks great. — redlinederby
  • Thanks! — FredD
  • Spydude... I used two part epoxy putty... Apoxie Sculpt Black. — FredD
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Numbskull 9/19/23

He said in a later post that we can trim the pipes.  I'm not sure if there is any adavantage in that, but I'll leave mine on.  They look good.  

  • never saw that change... but not sure it would have mattered. If I was going to do this one again, I would cut those off and reverse the engine and swap the front and back wheels to have the "coffin" in the front so the weight is up front. — FredD
  • The side pipes drag against the orange track walls, reducing speed. In a race, you want to do anything BUT that. — SpyDude
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SpyDude 9/21/23

Hey, where the heck is the race signup? I was just looking for it here, and I no see it nowhere ...

  • I found it on facebook/you tube... — FredD
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Esih_Racing Yesterday

Really cool work dude, keep it up

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