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Modified Ringers and zingers dingers nostalgia drag race(NOW Full)

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I would like to send 1 if you still have room please.. 

I'd like to send in a few for this event. 

I'm in 

I'd like to give it a run

I have a Classic Packard and a Classic Cadillac, are those allowed? If so, then put Puerto Rico on the list

At least 1 for me please

Is the 34 Ford ok? If yes, I 'll try to get it to you in time ...

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MrDarq 6/8/24

In the mail!!

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CraigsterSr 6/14/24

On our way!

Some miscommunication for this race is $10 entry fee and $10 return shipping. If you did not include the $10 return shipping. Your car will remain with me if you desire to want your cars back you can cash app the $10 return shipping several has paid their $20 For return shipping and Racing so I'm only sent $10 so the return shipping is not there if you paid it. It's all good if you have not I will give you my cash app or PayPal to send the $10. Thank you very much. 

  • I don’t remember what I paid but I would like my cars back. If I owe let me know — BlueLineRacing

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