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Modular Track Support Structure

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EcuWeeEcosse 5/31/20

I may have come up with a solution to better support the straights without the need for elaborate carpentry (as I don't have the joinery skills of people like League of Speed).

Lightweight planks of pine (actually cheap shelves) and heavy duty velcro. This stuff is surprisingly strong and easily holds the weight of the shelves and track. Then when its time to put the track away, just pull it apart (hopefully not ripping off the adhesive velcro strips) and stack the planks up.

I've painted it green so that I can run orange track on it as is, or can put scenery boards on top. 

Just sharing in case it helps anyone. 

  • Man, I just love what you're doing here. So many possibilities with your setup. Fantastic work. — Chaos_Canyon
  • Nice. Yeah, you get some beefy velcro and you should be good. You should be able to find some green duct tape too and can probably cover your joints if you need a little extra strength — redlinederby
  • Even more lightweight - use coroplast. (Corrugated plastic, like cardboard made from plastic.) If you cut the sections just right, hey will slide firmly into the orange sections of track to make them stiffer but very light. I’ve started messing around with some, and it seems to be working very well so far. — SpyDude

That looks the progress photos...keep'em coming!!!

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MrFishyFish 6/1/20

Ooh, I've just looked up the tables and shelves you're using. They are dirt cheap from Ikea! $2.49 USD for a shelf and $9.99 USD for a table where I live. If you hate carpentry and/or are running on a low budget like me, these might be the answer!

Have added some grey track from a mario kart set.

And the papier mache scenery boards that I discussed in another thread:

Including narrow ones for the straights now.

And a bridge, using one of the shelves and laser cut mdf panels bought from ebay, stuck together with wood glue and painted with some grey furniture paint I had left over.

And I think that's me done!

I think I'm going to call it Duke's Pass, after a twisty Scottish road of the same name near Loch Lomond that is popular with motorcyclists and enthusiast drivers. I'll put an entry in the Track Directory shortly.

It has been a fun lockdown project and I couldn't have done any of it without all of the knowledge and experience shared on this forum. Thanks guys!

  • Man, this is so awesome. And that video you sent me it all just looks like a ton of fun too! Love that grey (normally orange type) track - never seen it anywhere before. I wonder why they don't make more of it, instead of orange? — Chaos_Canyon
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redlinederby 6/6/20
Site manager

Dude, that is a sweet layout. Love every bit of it. Love that you modeled it but aren't trying to hide the real world, just makes it fun. Bridge looks sharp too. Just enough to be fun without going overboard.

Fantastic...enjoy the fruits of your labor...very sweet 

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Juky10 6/11/20

Hola, soy Bernardo de Chile, Sudamérica, soy nuevo y he visto videos de carreras de autos a escala 1/64, son fenomenales, ahora estoy construyendo una pista para competir también con los hijos de mi esposa, muchas gracias por aceptar yo, les dejo algunas fotos anticipadas de la pista.

  • Hi Bernardo. My Spanish isn't the best but welcome. Good luck with the construction. I like the stepped curves. — EcuWeeEcosse
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EcuWeeEcosse 6/14/20

Or I quite like the juxtaposition of the "real" scenery with the orange track. If only roads were really made of orange plastic! 

Note the "esses", which are challenging but fun.

Like you, I'm new to the diecast community as well as have young kids that got me started during the Covid lockdown. We broke out my collection of cars from my youth and it's been a wild ride from there. I wanted to mention that you really nailed that bridge! It looks spectacular and your course itself is an interesting and unpredictable path. I'll definitley visit your channel and subcribe. Mine can be found here

And don't hesitate to share more about how you built your bridge. I'd love to try to make something of that sort and get my kiddo digging into a creative project. I'd be happy share the guts of my off-road track or anything that's helpful.

Be well,  -LYDC Austin, Texas

  • Not much to tell about the bridge really. There are people on ebay (in the UK but presumably in the US too) who make and sell laser cut mdf bridge side panels for model railways. I just bought two side panels and the cross supports, painted them, then glued them on to the painted plank base with wood glue. I used extra supports for the side rails cut at an angle to meet the main curved section. — EcuWeeEcosse
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SpyDude 11/16/20

You mentioned a simple mechanical two-lane finish gate. Look at the Hot Wheels Track Builder series, the Drag Strip. Two launchers, track, plus a mechanical finish line that drops a flag into the winning lane. I just got one last week, seems to work fine.

And that is one beautiful temporary layout. Good show, sir!

Where did you get those white two lane right turns? I have been looking around for some two lane turns and can't seem to find any. 

  • I believe those are the Maxx Traxxx corner piece. Should be able to find on Amazon. They also make a cheap flipper finish line. — redlinederby
  • Thanks :) — RoadRunnerRacewayFan
  • They glow in the dark too.mi have one ready for when I start my layout come Autumn — Jasonuk2021

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