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If you want to get a little more racing in I’ve added more racing to my monthly schedule. In addition to the feature race I’ve been doing each month I’ve added 3 other classes. Open Modified, Open Stock, and Hot off the Shelf.

Something for everyone depending on how much time you have. You can build or send in old cars you've built. If you don't have time to build, you can just send in some stock cars from your collection. Or if you want you can just head over to Walmart and pick up a few cars off the shelf and send in.

Cars are usually due the 3rd Saturday of the month with racing starting the following week. You can check out an official schedule here.

Here is a link to the description of the four race classes.

Here is a link for information on how and where to send cars.

Here are Color Country Racing and G-Force Racing's Hot Off The Shelf entries for July. Anybody out there think they can beat them? The Hot Off The Shelf race is a great race for adults and kids alike. You don’t need a credit card or eBay account or a huge Hot Wheels collection to win. Just walk into Walmart, pick something off the shelf and send it in. You’ve got just as much chance of winning as the next guy. Here is a link to the official rules. Hope to see you...and your kids racing in this one. :)

Getting my cars ready for August racing.....I'm coming for you G-Force!!!!!

....that little man has an eye for speed I tell ya.

Pics to come for the race classes.

Open Stock

Open Modified

Hot Off the Shelf

Looking good LOS.  I think that Corvette Grand Sport might do pretty well.  I don't have a red one, but I had a blue one that was really quick.  Open Stock should be pretty exciting.  My little guy said this month he wanted to race his Hershey funny car that he raced in Tobacco Road.  I'll be looking for your cars.

Get them in the mail tomorrow...or I guess it's today now here in the east. Looking forward to it!!!

Cars are on their way out to Utah...looking forward to the competition.

August Races are in the books.  Here is a link to the results.

Holy Moly that truck was fast FOTF sent in...that was a good showing by the Hot Stuff funny car, as I was shocked that car didn't make it out of the 1/4 finals on Tobacco Road. That was a lot of fun...thanks for running the cars CCR!!!

I'll be ready next the workshop!!!

Open Stock

Open Modified

Hot Off the Shelf

I'll be sending FOTF's Way to Fast with my cars.
....oh yeah, I'm Coming for You G-Force!!!!

The cars are on the way...sent your Hot Rods and FOTF's Way 2 Fast in the package as well. Looking forward to more great racing action out in Utah!!!! 

Cool! I'll be watching for them.
Thanks, LoS!

League of Speed, G-Force says he's ready for you! He loaded up his Mustang the other day and is ready to race.

Bring it on Little Fella!!! :)'s on now!!!

I'm coming for you G-Force!!!

Getting ready for the final month of racing out in Utah...special shout out to CC Rider for all the effort and time he puts into these races!!! The Feature race for November is the Heavy Weight Downhill Dash...I've got a 77 Dodge Custom Van in the axel jig right now...looking forward to it!!!

...and I'm coming for you G-Force!!!

Ready to Race!!!

It's a sled...throw another together today and tomorrow
...well a little tweaking and a lot of graphite to Utah

I'll get my cars for the November races in the mail on Tuesday...looking forward to it.

...and I'm coming for you G-Force!!!

My cars are marked as delivered...looking forward to the racing action!!!!

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