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I am in for 2. Is there a buy-in (other than return shipping fee)?

  • No buy in just return fee if you want the cars back. Otherwise they can enter the ongoing Dark Lords series if you would like? — Keith55
  • What I mean is you can leave your cars here and after the championship they can continue to compete in our on going series as well. If you win the Championship your car also has the right to stay and defend the following championship as well. — Keith55

Is the qualifying elimination or just seeding... does everyone get in?

  • Everyone should get in and the qualiyfing will place you in the order you will be ranked and what heats you will be in. The only way you do not race is if your car is not working or if it is not what is required style or weight wise. — Keith55
  • We have not had any issues with that though. If you have any questions feel free to ask, we will answer them as fast as we can. — Keith55
  • thanks Mate! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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Papa_Divosi 2/3/24

Divosi Familia would like to get in for a pair.

  • Excellent welcome aboard we got you down for two. — Keith55
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NDeavers80 2/4/24

Sign me up for two

  • Done good sir and we are excited to have you on our track! — Keith55

Dutch_Clutch_Racing would like 2 spots....?

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WesCoasin 2/7/24

Wes Coasin in for 2 if you're still taking

  • Alright, welcome back to the track and good luck my friend. — Keith55

Variat. 2 for me please.

  • Awesome, welcome! Do you need the address just hit me up. Good luck — Keith55
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GBURacing 2/18/24

Heading into the GBU chop shop

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Foursix 2/18/24

Boog and Babygirl would like a couple spots

Foursix Diecast Racing 


  • Awesome, welcome! Do you need the address just hit me up. Good luck — Keith55
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RaginRicky 2/21/24

Ok I feel like Oregon Outcast Diecast need to enter this !! Can I get in for 2

  • Awesome, welcome! Do you need the address just hit me up. Good luck — Keith55
  • We will be happy to have you — Keith55
  • Yep I’ll need the address. Going to start building the cars this weekend — RaginRicky
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Fat_Dad 3/2/24

We'd like to join with 2 if there is still room.

  • That would be great, we will take the first 64 for the Championship, we will mark it full when done taking cars. We will do our best to take care of everyone that sends in cars. So right now we would love to have you it is still open. — Keith55

Two cars per household, no purchase necessary to win, 80 grams max, cars can't look stupid like a toilet or urinal. I think I understand. I just need an address and your Social Security number. Thanks, I'd like to send in a pair.

  • Social Security whats that? — Keith55
  • Social Security is something my son will pay into forever, but will not benefit from it. — LobotomyScam
  • Thats true — Keith55

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