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Muscle Mania 2021

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CaShMoneyBoyS 11/10/20

Ca$h Money Boy$ are in for 6!! We been waiting to get on that drag strip!!

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Mayfield41 12/23/20

My entries for this is almost complete, 

American Muscle is an Olds 442 and a fox body Mustang,

American Street, Ford Gran Torino and a Hemi Cuda

Lowriders, 64 Buick Riviera and Custom 64 Galaxie. 

  • Very cool — NDeavers80
  • Those look awesome Mayfield41!! — DXPRacing
  • hey I remember a couple of those cars hahaha — RAGTAG_JIM
  • A couple you are right, the fox body and Gran Torino, thanks again for those — Mayfield41
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CaShMoneyBoyS 12/28/20

Ca$h Money Boy$ ready to roll!!

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Peter_Bee 1/6/21

I hate to do this, but I'm going to have to back out of this event. Too many cars to prep with not enough hours in the week for me. Give my spot to some deserving soul.

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Mattman213 1/8/21

Im gonna come up short in the Street and Low Rider class unfortunately but I have two entries together for the Muscle Class.  I have a couple castings picked out for the other classes but have run short on supplies and time lately.  I didnt wanna bail on another NDR hosted race tho so Im sending what I got!!!

Good luck everyone!


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VoxxerRacing 1/10/21

Finished !!!!

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TheMakersBox 1/10/21

The Maker's Box Motors "Designer Challenge" Team is on the way.

  • Nice good luck — NDeavers80
  • Looking good! Also, I like your summary graphic. I'll have to see if I can convince Kit to put together something similar for the Gen X Vintage Racing team. :D — Xanthippe
  • I think you've got your Impalas swapped. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Team Looks great! And good on you Nick! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Ouch, I do have the Impalas swapped! — TheMakersBox
  • Cars arrived safely today — NDeavers80
  • Swapped the Impalas — TheMakersBox
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NDeavers80 1/12/21

Ghost driver arrived safely today. 

Ali's and my combined team will be headed out tomorrow.

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DXPRacing 1/14/21

Mine ship on Friday

right on man i like the lay out

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NDeavers80 1/21/21

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