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I don't know if anyone else on here follows the youtube series 'Roadkill'...but you should,  it's awesome!

They have a truck on there that is known as the 'Muscle Truck' is a '74 Chevy shortbed stepside that is pretty nasty. They have also been building Ford and a Mopar Muscle's a pretty cool trend, and it's right up my ally.

I'm thinking of putting a race together...only shortbed stepsides...I'll have to come up with an overall length to Chevy Ford and Dodge...Modified...57 gram...the usual stuff.

At this point, I'm just looking for input...stirring the pot a little. Let me know what you think

maybe a list of allowable vehicles? for those who might ask.
Sure thing...I'm looking at mainly 1940's through 1980's shortbed stepsides

If you host a race, you know the League of Speed will Run'em. It's just good to see things cranking back up a little.


Yes interested in this idea

I was looking at some trucks this morning and I think a 3 inch overall limit on the length looks about right. Longer wheelbase mean more speed in the gravity racing world, so I think I'd like to try to keep the racing close!

The trucks can be any American built truck produced from 1940 through the end of 1989. I think it would be cool if they were all stepsides, but you can run fleetsides long as they meet the length limit.

I'm looking at running them over the Thanksgiving weekend and maybe doing a double them twice. I'll write up the rules this on the lookout for the Turkey Day Muscle Truck Race!

I will attempt to Gobble up the competition.

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