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Really love the look of the Fast and Furious 67 Mustang-dark green w/white racing stripes. The problem has been finding one that's fast, because it's a fairly light car. So, the off the rack stock purist has finally drilled out the rivets and added some weight to this beautiful hot wheel. I got some 3/0 split shot and cut 5 in half, using JB Weld I attached 3 of the halves on to the interior rear window shelf and flattened another half and attached it to the interior section in front of the dash which will be under the hood when the body is reattached. Then I attached two halves into the driver and passenger floorboards, I also noticed the hollow pockets the two front seats have when I turned the interior, I took the rest and packed them into the hollow cavities and sealed them in with JB Weld. The last thing I'll do is dry lube the axels and wheel hubs before reassembly. I race on the 6 lane speedway and the GTO this car was originally raced against beat it in every lane, with each car switching lanes 1 vs 6, 2 vs 5, 3 vs 4 and the GTO went 6-0. So, we will see if the GTO is still dominate once the rebuild is complete. I have to admit it was fun and the way I keep my field of 216 cars fast is by culling out the slower cars every 5 rallies, so I've got 5+ years of cars to practice and experiment on....also anybody looking to do a rebuild/custom I've got a lot of 2011-2016 cars in my culled/weed out bins....let me know.

Sounds like you have a great car to enter in the Hollywood Road Race (

That's the plan, I've got a stock batmobile (classic TV series) and Lotus Esprit (Spy Who Loved Me/submarine car) ready to go. Hopefully the 67 Fastback will drift as good as the one from F & F Tokyo Drift!!!

...considered the Mystery Machine, but that looks like a roll over waiting to happen on the Thunder Road track.

Well the F & F 67 Mustang Fastback started at 35g, which was equal to the test GTO, the Mustang was brought up to 45g and the axels were set and I think balanced pretty well.  The first application of dry lube resulted in a 3-3 split with the GTO, so repeated the dry lube process and set the graphite again. The second test the Mustang flipped the script and dominated the GTO 6-0....very educating indeed. So, how long does the graphite last...a door lock is usually good for 6-8 weeks, does the same hold true for the wheels/axels?

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