Off the TrackMy 'full-sized' build thread...

i see a headlight bezel / door for '48 to '55 trucks on the hamb or ebay...... $10.00

Smitty, if you see a door for $10, I'll drive to Maine to come get it :) The 'good' doors I'm seeing are around $300...but, lower door skins are available (and will probably be what I end up doing). The doors I have aren't too bad, but they need some work. The bezel, I'm not too worried about...I'm sure one will turn up. 

I'd actually like to find a decent 'non chrom' '53 grill...I'm not a huge fan of the shiny stuff. But, it is very early on and I'm sure the right parts will turn up :)

Yep. They will too, when you least expect, so stash the cash away Bro!!
oops, henry called them head light doors, we call em bezels

Well, I've got the pole barn stuffed pretty full of F100 parts...

I just need to get s rear under the chassis and I can start mocking up some of the fits 

so cool... seriously envious of this project
i have a ford truck 3.70 ; 1 - 9" pig, free if you can get it home.
Cool...Sent you an email, Smitty!

From the snow of Maine, to a cold garage in New Jersey, the  Ford 9" is, temporarily sitting under the '53...

Thanks, Smitty, it was great to meet ya...and I really appreciate the deal!

better living and building through Hot Wheels... nice

you are welcome chris,

  hope it works, your mom's cookies did !


Awesome, Smitty! I'm glad you liked the cookies!

C-10, that's a sweet build. Went to post on bangshift & read back story. Glad you were able to get a good find. My dad had a 51 Ford similar to Sanford & Son. His had 409 Chevy out of wrecked 62 Bel Air. I'll try to see if I can dig up an old photo of it and send it. 

Thanks! It's going to be fun...ya gotta love making old stuff live again...and the people that you get to meet along the way!

I will be doing bunches of small scale builds like this one... get my head around what the '53 should look like. To be honest, the full-sized one will probably be in red oxide primer with miss-matched steelies for a long time...and I'm okay with that too! But, these little builds are a fun way to play around with different looks :)

smart way to try out looks for your ride.

It's been a while since I've been able to post, but here is an update on my '53 Ford F100...

It now has a 283 Chevy between the frame rails! I picked it up todsy and quickly plunked it in the frame when I got home...if you look close, you see the motor mounts aren't lined up (because the header is hitting). But, it is kinda exciting to see an engine in, I've got a few things to wake up the 283 a little bit :)


dig the test mule model c10...

my first rod, 1983 was a '30 roadster pick up...bought the closest to it 1;24 model i could find... used a measuring "scale" to build it to just what i was going to try 1:1... set it on the tv and over a couple week period i decided if i liked the plan, before i cut the big girl...

Haven't seen an update in awhile what's going on C10?

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