My Hobbytalk contest Customs

Dadvball Thursday, 8/14/2014

I used to post customs there all the time, but not so much since I've gotten involved here.  So, you had to do two entries.  One had to be new, and the other could be old.  As it's a race car theme contest, I did my favorite, drag cars.  Hood scoop, parachutes, exhaust behind the front wheels, decals by a friend, some detailing, and two coats of Future.

The new one, called "COPO Candy"

This is the "older", previously made custom.  You guys will recognize it from the Rat Rod series we had a number of months ago.  Thought it would be a little different than the Camaro.  It's call "not so new "32".

This one was actually made for the contest, but two days ago I changed my mind and went with the '32.

Very shallow drilling of the exhaust with black Sharpie, some detailing, decals, and Future.


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KandORacing 8/14/14

COPO Candy is killer! Unfortunately, I most likely won't be entering, as I ran out of time to finish my builds. Oh well, I'm getting a little burned out anyway.

diggin the Tooned Camaro, how do you apply the Future?

  • I use a small soft artist brush. Don't know if the size is listed on the brush but I'll check. — Dadvball
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72_Chevy_C10 8/15/14
Event coordinator

The cars look great, DVB! I like the '32!

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