My kid's birthday HW race & design event

Zapfo2000 Wednesday, 2/17/2021

This is just a short description of a nice event we started in the summer for my sons birthday. It was really easy to prepare and everyone had a lot of fun!

Stage 1:
Give your racing team a name, design your car, build a tent (out of paper, see inside the track)

Stage 2: race your car on the "Falkenring 2.0" (see pic above), who can do the most laps without touching the car?

Stage 3: build a two laned racetrack and race your cars, which is the fastest?

Stage 4: build a loooooooooong downhill track, which car can go the longest distance?

Of course we had some breaks for having a barbecue and some freestyle playing, but all kids were happy with this event, which took more than 4hours. 

Just be creative, its fun!!!


So cool!  What a great way to have fun with kids!  Thanks for sharing!

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