Mystery Box Challenge

GenX_VintageRacing Tuesday, 5/18/2021

DRR and Just Another Pop Culture Reference have been putting out Mystery Box Challenge videos that pit Xanthippe's customizing skills up against a large box full of random cars wrapped in paper lunch sacks.  She grabs a car out of the box, and builds to a specific challenge each month.  And to keep it all interesting, she rolls dice to determine what color and what theme she'll use on the build.

We just released the third video in the series.  I'll post each video in the comments to this first post.  here, I'll put the playlist link so you can find them all in one place:

If you have an idea for a challenge, drop a note to, and let us know.  She's always up for a new challenge.


First Video: Painting with Nail Polish (HW Power Surge)

Second Video: Create a Gaslands Team

Third Video: Build a Racer for a Specialty Race at Gaslands TV Racing (Maisto VW Beetle)

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