Mystery Series Madness tournament

redlinederby Monday, 4/11/2011
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The Mystery Series Madness tournament opening on Sunday is a special tournament of pre-picked cars all donated by Jim Carlson (JDC442). He graciously donated all 16 cars from his 2008 Mystery Series collection. I think it will be a very interesting tournament, all unproven cars with similar weights so picking should be a challenge.

You can scout all 16 cars in The Lot now,

This tournament will be seeded on Sunday prior to the open and ready for picks then. The other tournament will be open to entries as usual.

And to help sweeten the pot a little bit, the winner of the Mystery Series tournament will also win a pair of tickets to the Nashville convention in June.

And if you haven't yet, check out Jim's web page where he has showcased his custom made diecast display cases. I have one and can tell you they are top quality and certainly beat your basic run-of-the-mill display cases...and I'm sure he's taking orders.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Good luck in your picks and big thanks to Jim for the donations.


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Jobe 4/11/11


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redlinederby 4/16/11
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Just to make things easier for myself, I moved the Mystery series back so it will get seeded when the other tournament does, rather than split seeding times. Given how fast these tournaments usually fill up, expect seeding on Monday.

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