NASCAR JLH Krafts Truck Racing Series Round 2 - Australia Tasmanian Speedway 2020 – Results

CutRock_R_Marc_D Thursday, 1/28/2021

NASCAR JLH Krafts Truck Racing Series Round 2 - Australia Tasmanian Speedway 2020 – Results
Spectacular racing and intense viewing in Round 2 of the Series!

Just as in qualifying, and especially with fast heavy traffic, many competitors had issues managing the corners!

Here is a brief run down of the heats;

Heat 1 – Hot shot Frank Kline cleaned up pole and was looking forward to cruising out of this heat. Lap 1 Capt Tony over, after taking the high line of corner 1. Lap 2 Skeeter Davis & Mikey, both went in a similar fashion. Lap 3 and Stella Beans is over. Phew last lap, Frank Kline & Lil J dub, in a race to the finish, but hell no! Take the high line and it’s the die line! Never seen it happen, but no one will progress from Heat 1! Let’s hope they laid some rubber down to assist the following Heats!

Heat 2 – Dave Akers will lead off this group. Harry Hoon to his left. Down to the first corner, Akers on the inside, going straight ahead, guides Harry Hoon straight off the circuit and out! Onto the last lap, with Dave Akers to lead off from Quick Solo. Rolling into corner 1, and Oh, No! Dave Akers, over she goes, Quick Solo takes the lead, then goes into a spin, with Lucious Clay sliding past and onto victory!

Heat 3 – John Hansen in his Lionel Truck leads off this heat. Maxilla & Chloe K out lap 1! Rag Tag Jim out next lap, followed by Mike Carrol.  The Hansen truck with an impressive performance so far, leading all the way to the last lap. Jack Crow gets in front at the first corner, blocks, then blocks and takes the win!

Heat 4 – The MotorMax Truck of Crazy Ruby is up the front in this one. Lap 1 action almost sees Ruby ride over the rail, however more action at corner 2 as Steve Park and Timmy Thomas are out! Lap 3 and Crazy Ruby survives a complete flip! Karlee K speed thru to take the heat, with Crazy Ruby turning on here best lap to second, Golden Girl hanging onto third.

Heat 5 – Bam Bam leads off! A bumping, bruising lap 1, but all survive. Lap 2, more great grinding action! Lap 3 Tony Kleman comes up with a flying lap, passing all! Poor Smooth Keith Stone, had a bumpy ending. Tony takes it out, with BaM Bam up for second!

Heat 6 – CJ Rundle hoping to mark his mark here from the 1 spot. Gator lap 1 off the track, but lands on his wheels! Rex Wankel to lead off Lap 3, with Gator on his side. Finn Theodore out, while Gator takes the lead from Rex. Last lap…Rex Wankel, out! Gator off, but on his wheels! Lap incomplete! Big Daddy about to win, and rolls over, Gator out, CJ Rundle off, but ok, lap incomplete, Deuce still out there! Another lap, Deuce goes over, CJ Rundle can’t complete. Another lap, and CJ Rundle stumbles in!

Seconds Race – John Hansen to lead off from Crazy Ruby. Bam Bam and Quick Solo round out the field. Crazy Ruby takes the lead, but rolls backwards to hand the lap 2 lead to John Hansen. A critical error! Ruby fought to get to the lead, but was blocked and blocked by John Hansen who takes the race!

Final – CJ Rundle, big moment, to lead off! No accidents in this hard fought Final! Lap 1 Jack Crow now leads from Khloe K! Lap two the positions are reversed. Some heavy traffic racing behind. Karlee K, lap 3, with James Klemen running iup to second. Jack Crow, blew out to fifth. Last lap, Karlee K in front…. Photo finish! James Klemen at the death! Wooee, great final! Congrats JK and all!

Please find below all the Race results from 1 to 36, AND

The Team Pointscores!

Compiled with all care by Cutrock'R & Po'Boy.

Cheers all!



Man! Missing qualifying on one race makes a huge difference!  The top 15 list gets a shake-up prior to race 3.

  • It was a tough gig for many! All the best for the next round! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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