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Nashville Show and Go

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Jobe 6/21/11

I'm stoked I won the whole thing...a little bummed my van came in 4th on the race itself...but I'm cool with that.
Nothing like a 4th and a 5th to win 1st!

Congrats to the other entries and winners.

I have some work to do before Dallas!


Thats what makes these races so much fun, you just never know who is gonna come out on top. There was another super van that was there and he was killing the competition, but he just didn't make it to the final. My pics came out pretty dark, but Brian snapped a bunch, I'm sure he'll have 'em posted soon.

Forrest ended up 9th.

Now, for Dallas, you guys are welcome to enter but you cars cant retain the current configuration they are in. Something has to be changed. Fast cars can be repainted and pretty cars can have wheel swaps, but something has to change.

Here is one pic that did come out good during the build.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

and here's one Bryan should like

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Final Standings for the Nashville Show and Go

1. Bryan Jobe... Super van
2. Austin X... Halo Super van
3. Cullen Lee... Dairy/Bus mix
4. Jason Bennett... Evil EVO
5. Paul "Cheeseball" Wooten... Drag Dairy
6. Jim Carlson... Olds 442
Sammy McCormick.. Custom Convoy <---Tied for 6th
8. Forrest X.... Splittin Image
9. Brian Vaughn... Super van
10. Chad Osborn... MBX Ambulance
11. Hurricane Chase... '93 Mustang
12. Brandy McCormick... Chrome Dairy

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JDC442 6/24/11

Sixth place overall huh? Not bad, but I guess I better learn how to make my car more glamorous for the next 'Show and Go'. Jason, your EVO looks amazing. You've got quite a talent there. It sucks that it didn't quite fit the track ~only reason you didn't win the whole thing huh?

Brian~ I've borrowed the pic of your Super Van upside down next to my 442 and set it as my desktop background. I've named it "Sweet Victory!" Do you have any more pics of the races? Would love to see more of the guys cars if you have them.

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redlinederby 6/24/11
Site manager

I don't have that many photos, honestly, but I posted what more I had over on Flickr. ... 026114296/

A few more shots of some of the other cars entered including the Halo van which did pretty good, another crazy heavy van.

Thanks Jim. Like any good race car, the EVO is back on the chopping block and I'm taking a little more out of the width. It's all chassis work this time, so the body will remain untouched for the next race. Hopefully everything will be good to go for the Dallas race. I just wish I could get some actual test runs on the big track, lol.