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Variation-Jason Monday, 4/18/2011

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Well guys after a little reworking of the schedule and an expanded time slot for the Nashville races, I am super pleased to announce, that I am now able to open the Show and Go races to mail in entries. This is only open to Redline Derby members, so contact me asap to reserve a slot.

Da rulz......

Kustomz Magazine

The Nashville
Collectors Experience
Show & Go Race

The Show & Go Race is an event that will test your ability to mix form and function.

We will open the event to sixteen entries. Eight entries will be invitation only and eight will be open enrollment.
There will be two individually scored portions of the event. The total score of both events will be combined to produce the overall standings.

The show portion of the event will be based on a peoples choice vote. Attendees of the Convention will be allowed to choose their top five favorites.The chosen cars will be awarded between one and five points depending on their rated position. All points will be totaled and cars will be ranked from one to sixteen. The first place car will receive sixteen points while the sixteenth place car will receive one point.

The race event will be scored by elapsed times. Each entry will make two passes - one in the right lane and one in the left. The two times will be combined for an overall total. The total will then be used to set the finishing order. Just as in the show portion, cars will be awarded points from one to sixteen depending on finishing order.The first place car will receive sixteen points while the sixteenth place car will receive one point.

In the event a car does not make it to the end of the track, it will be scored by the distance it completed.
Each entry will be allowed one re-run in case of an accident or off track incident. No modifications will be allowed to the cars between the show and the race or between race rounds.

The show portion will be considered a wild category and the race class is Unlimited. You are allowed to use any casting in any style as long as it fits on the standard orange track. The Unlimited race class allows the use of weights, dry graphite lubricants, custom chassis and wheel modifications. The only restrictions are to the physical size of the entry. The maximum width is 1.25 inches, maximum height is 2.75 inches and entries cannot be longer then six inches.

In the event there is a tie after final scoring, the race results will be used to determine final standings.


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Jobe 4/19/11

I'm in!

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JDC442 4/19/11

This sounds like a lot of fun. I haven't as yet customized a Hot Wheel, but after reading most of the cust/mod threads in the forum, have wanted to give it a shot. From reading 'da rulz', this seems to be more of a custom race than a mod race, correct?

Jason~ if I wanted to try to get something ready for the convention, how much time would I have to complete it? This would be a mail-in entry. I really wanted to try to get to Nashville for this thing, but after checking out airfare/hotel packages from Seattle, decided to wait for something closer.

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redlinederby 4/19/11
Site manager

Wow, very cool, thanks Jason!! Great offer and I'm sure a lot of the Redline guys will take you up on that. I know I have to get moving on my custom to get it done in time. Just getting the custom axles working was a big change that I know have to master.

And for what it's worth, anyone that goes the Nashville or enters a custom via mail-in will get a special trophy license plate added to their league account. No points, just prestige

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Jobe 4/19/11


How long is the track and what is the track's configuration if I can ask such things.
Am I only allowed to enter one car?


Man a Show&Go plate would be awesome! LOL.

The Convention starts in 56 days, So it looks like even I have enough time to build something....

One entry per person.

The track is the big one from Vegas. It's 50' from start to finish. 24' downhill and 26' runout. 6' start height with a 10* angle.

I'll add the three of you to the entry list.

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Jobe 4/19/11

That is the configuration I was thinking about for my 50' track plans
guess I better mock it up soon!

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JDC442 4/19/11

Okay, my very first custom. What to make? I'm thinking something on the large side so I can add some extra weight. Brian mentioned going with the Super Van, so maybe I'll try the Ambulance or something.
You guys have much more experience in this than me, so can I shoot questions your way?

You sure can.

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JDC442 4/26/11

Heading down to Seattle today with Danielle and Calvin. After we have some awesome sushi at Sushi Land near the Space Needle, we're going to go shopping for Hot Wheels. We always find something different when we shop there. Also going to buy up some FTE cars for spare parts for my custom. I've decided it's going to be an Olds 442 (of course ). This will be my very first custom, so I won't be too upset if you guys end up blowing me away in Nashville. It's going to be a blast building it and sending it down! Jason also opened a spot for Forrest to enter a car. He's going to customize a Vintage '93 Splittin' Image. What are you guys thinking about entering? Or is it a secret?

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redlinederby 4/26/11
Site manager

I'm working on a Super Van but finding it hard to make time for it. I'm just not sure how to test my mods. Since these things roll down the track, all your changes have to be pretty solid and that's hard to get without glue or or something. Clay only holds on so well and isn't the best with metal. I hate what is essentially modding "blind" - so I like the challenge of finding a good way to test, but that also makes my mod time extremely slow. I need to get off my ass if I want to have something done before Nashville.

I too need to go get some extra FTE cars for parts. I'm practicing my tube axles and have already blown through a few axles and wheels thanks to super glue mishaps Oh well, live and learn.

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Jobe 4/26/11


Don't use super's too runny and wicks down the axles and into the wheels...I"m guessing that might be a problem you are having? I rarely use it...use some 5 min. epoxy. I picked up several sets at Harbor Freight on sale for 99 cents. super van hauler I just filled with lead wheel weights, glued them to the roof inside.
THe minivan hauler I built I just filled with a stack of 10 or 11 pennies. easy!
Of course I also put on FTE's...I found the Fast Fish FTE to be an excellent donor car

It's nice to have a stock version of your car to test against...before and after.

I think I may go with a 300C.... still have some testing to do.

And super glue is a definite no-no on the axles. Guess we don't really need to tell you that now, though