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Hey every one! I stumbled across this site looking for different HW body styles (mostly plastic). I used to race 1/24 scale slot cars in the 60's (that's right I said 1960's). A few years ago I decide to get back into some type of slots, so I figured HO might be the way to go with a home track. I built an oval track with a scale 1/4 mile drag strip above it. I also started doing some organized club racing and proxy drag racing. I found out that some guys take their racing way to seriously, and a competitive HO car can get very expensive. So I decided to stop racing. I found out that I enjoy building more with my imagination, than with my wallet. Last week I thought: Maybe I'll build another HO car....That's how I stumbled across this site. I like using plastic bodied HW cars to create something totally different than what is available. I had no idea that there were people that race HW cars. This place seems so laid back and friendly and you guys build some WICKED (I'm from MA) looking cars. I took my HO tracks down last year. I was going to set the drag strip back up this week, but it looks like I can have more fun with a HW dragstrip instead. I'm looking forward to building or modding some Hot Wheels now.

I hope I don't offend anybody by posting some of my HW to slot conversions....the new ones will be just HW to HW, no more slots.

Cockney Cab short tracker

Sectioned Cockney Cab

Maximum Leeway

Poppa Wheelie

Welcome, I like your choice and mix of parts on your builds... look forward to your future creations. 

permision to come aboard... cut 'em up !

Hey Sweet,is that you from HRW and SCI??

Looks like you found another way to have fun with some cars!

Glad to see you here..

Here's something I made from an AW drag strip just for fun.Working Christmas tree and all.Very simple to do too and I'm pretty sure you already and the AW set...


aka-- ourwayband

Hey Rusty! You're right....Found another way to have fun with cars. Sometimes it gets boring racing alone. I've enjoyed the proxy drag racing, and may continue doing it (missed Dave's big event). I just got back in the mood, after a year away. This just seemed like a fun alternative. I've got a number of HW cars that I used for a diorama on my oval, that's no longer set up. I'm really looking forward to doing the events here. I think I'll be very satisfied, between proxy HW and proxy HO drag racing, especially HW.

Your set up with the AW track is brilliant!....Not sure yet, but I might have room to set up both, HO and HW side by side.

Thanks Larry

aka Sweet 

Thought that was you Larry..Good to see ya here!Have some fun with these little rides.I have been since 68..

Sometimes it gets boring racing alone.
I know the feeling there buddy.I guess that is one reason I've backed off of the slots.
Plus the Hot Wheels are a tad cheaper too..;>)

Welcome aboard, Sweet!

I can't begin to tell you how many ho slot car tracks I had as a kid. My Dad and I even made a trip out to Auto World in Scranton, Pa when I was a kid.

I raced group 12 slots in the early '90's...nothing too serious. It was fun, but they can get kinda pricey . 

The group here is pretty laid back, and we manage to have some fun events! 

It looks like you already have the middling just need to get some good wheels under them (start looking for Faster Than Ever, fte, cars from 2005-2006).

See ya in lane 2!

P.S. Smitty (fordman) is another Mainer...we can have a whole New England circuit!

C-10, thanks for the encouragement. I'm from Massachusetts (MA). If Smitty is from Maine (ME), the conversation would go like this..... Sweet: That thing is WICKED cool!.......Smitty: AYUH!

Sounds about right...I'm in Nor th her NJ...which is almost New England :)

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