New Drag Strip added to the BlueLine Raceplex

BlueLineRacing Thursday, 9/2/2021

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BlueLine Racing presents a new track to the raceplex. "The Equalizer".

Look for videos on the track along with the 60g Circuit finale and The Second Annual Bone Shaker Brawl this Halloween. 

For info on the demensions check out the measurements in the Track Directory.


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SpyDude 9/3/21

Sweet drag strip.


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CrazyEights 9/3/21

Dude! That's awesome. It lights up like Area 51.

  • Thank you — BlueLineRacing
  • We will definitely see some experimental craft taxi this run way. I see Matt and Voxxer rummaging thru castings as we speak. — CrazyEights
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DamDiecast 9/3/21

Clean!!   I love it!!!!

Very nice, good looking track!

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Mattman213 9/3/21

Looks fantastic.  Heck of a job.  Now lets see some racing action!!!!!!


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GhostRacing 9/3/21

Excellent job! That track is solid...

Man that looks like a lot of fun!!

Nice work, that looks great

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redlinederby 9/4/21
Site manager

Very nice. Elegant, even. I'm hoping to try something similar when I redo my track soon this winter.

Having that at shelf height is so much nicer than being on the floor. At least it'll save you some back ache ;P It's also a good point you bring up on the profile that you needed a track you could test on that more closely matched those of tracks your competing on around the country. The NE Beast is great but few have that setup so having a fast car there wasn't apples-to-apples.

What's the blue material that is covering (what I assume) are the base boards? It almost looks like formed plastic. Or did you just nicely route the edges and paint?

  • It’s MDF trim. It was already rounded I just caulked and painted it. — BlueLineRacing
  • Yeah, on the shelf is great and I can still determine fast on my yellow track but it’s different so elite isn’t always elite somewhere else. NE Beast will still host most tournaments so my back pain won’t completely be gone. — BlueLineRacing
  • Invest in a grabber so you wont have to bend over to pick up the cars all the time. — SpyDude
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EnZedRacing 9/5/21

Does this mean all cars sent in to you get an opportunity on both tracks? 

Twice the fun??

  • Not necessarily. I will run both at times but if I want a life outside of racing cars that definitely won’t be the norm. — BlueLineRacing


Well done!


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