New flyer, new website, new races!

Jobe Friday, 7/16/2010

New new new!

Spent last night working on my new website, check it out and let me know your opinions (still working on it)

Also made a new flyer for the next race...

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Also came up with a new race. Taking 16 new cars in the package, each person buys one car at $1 and races it. Winner takes all 16 cars home as a trophy! We'll see how it goes...I really want to do that with a bunch of FTE cars and see what happens!



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redlinederby 7/16/10
Site manager

Not a bad site, very straight forward.

My only suggestion - as a web designer - is get rid of that first splash page with just the name. Make the home page the name plus 3 photo menu. The name says a lot and the photos just reinforce what your site is all about. No need to make visitors do extra work.

Your flyers are the best, BTW.

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Jobe 7/16/10

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

I'm a total html hack, but I kind of make it work for me!

web designer eh? I might have to email you to get some help for my photo page!

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JDC442 7/17/10

I like your website. Simple, but effective. The closeup pics of the cars on the front page are stellar!! The Rodger Dodger is my favorite

Love to enter the next race, but hard to top my last entry. The pressure is too great!!

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Jobe 7/18/10

Thanks, just added a photo page with some pics from the last event.

I've been working on taking photos of the cars, that is with my camera set on Macro and getting super close.

Not sure my locals will like losing to another mail-in car next time!

I selected the 16 cars for the buy-in race today, all have some sort of hot rod/ drag racer theme to them...should be fun.

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Jobe 8/6/10

Teaser shot of the 16 car buy in race, found enough hot rods and drag style cars.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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markkaz 8/7/10

Yes, for a rookie website, it is surprisingly nice! I really like it!

One recommendation is for this page:

The text is a bit wide to read.

A note about the 16 car pic. The Nash Metrorail and the Jester
have sidepipes that may rub on the edges of the track and slow
them down.

I LOVE what you are doing!

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redlinederby 8/7/10
Site manager

Don't center your text on the page, that'll solve your design problem instantly. Just make your site as wide as your logo and it won't feel awkward.

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Jobe 8/7/10

OH I have alot of work to do on the text page. I'm hoping to get to that this weekend.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.'

I found another hot rod yesterday at Walgreens so I might swap one out.

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markkaz 8/7/10

I'm curious what programs people are using to build their
websites. When I bought this new laptop a couple years
ago, I went to install DreamWeaver and I lost the password.

I downloaded a free program just to be able to make simple
pages and edits if need be. It is called PageBreeze. I upload
my files using CuteFTP and I edit my pics with PhotoShop.

What is everybody else using?

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Jobe 8/7/10

I used to use CoffeCup and now I use Dreamweaver. Plus a smattering of html that I copy or know...I'm a total hack

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redlinederby 8/8/10
Site manager

I use Dreamweaver, but I've been programming/coding for nearly 15 years now, so I use it almost exclusively as a fancy text editor. It's syntax highlighting is pretty good. I've also used UltraEdit as a text editor and it's pretty sharp too, I used it before I got Dreamweaver.

But it does a good job as a visual design program too. The code it spits out isn't too bad compared to some other web page builder programs. If you have Dreamweaver, there's nothing else out there that is as full featured while generating decent close-to-standard code.

Honestly, all you need is Dreamweaver, any FTP program, and if you're a designer, some sort of image editor. Photoshop is obviously the defacto program, but if that's a little out of your price range, there is GIMP, an open-source Photoshop, and also Pixlr, which is an on-line Photoshop clone.


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