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New guy, new forum...questions!

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redlinederby 4/29/10
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You know...I dunno how cars perform over time. Logic would say they get slower after being beat up a little bit, but maybe they also get "broken in" after races. Once this season of the Fantasy League ends we'll have some data to crunch and see if we can draw any conclusions.

Man, FTE wheels on the Super Van would be awesome! I might do the same!

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Jobe 4/30/10

Looking like there is going to be a big turnout for my race on Monday!
Can't wait!

HWs typically get slower over time. JL cars will break in after a few uses and maintain for much longer.

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Bandeezee 5/2/10

That's disappointing, do you know why the Hot Wheels slow down? Does the axle start to corrode or something? Hopefully keeping them in a case will stop or at least slow down the slowing process

I dont think it has anything to do with the axles. I believe it may be a softer plastic used for the wheels. The wheel hubs wear out and it allows for the wheels to have some extra play in them.

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