New here and have a question.

hhoopy Saturday, 4/2/2022

I got sucked into here by King of the Mountain and wanted to start modding some cars. Only problem is that I've been out of the loop on what cars are good or how to find out. Anything recommendations or advice helps. Thanks!


There are tons of videos on YouTube concerning modifying, adding weights, polishing and graphite, etc... Just jump in the rabbit hole and get lost for days as you learn techniques and tricks.

That's really all you need to do and your mind will be blown... Plenty on here as well, but sometimes it's a little tricky finding what you need so my go to is always YouTube. 

  • So TrackTime and stuff like that? Thanks man, already loving this community! — hhoopy
  • Red pill axle jig video. Highly recommended! — CrazyEights
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