New track announcement, Gulf City Dragway

Mopar_Mafia Thursday, 1/25/2018

Gulf City Dragway is a tribute track of 2 local cross town rival dragstrips that operated from 1959 – 1967 with one surviving until 1974. Golden Triangle Raceway was owned and operated by a local car club called the "Blockbusters" later changed the name to Twin City. It competed with rival Tampa Dragway owned and operated by Legendary Hall of Fame "Big Daddy" Don Garlits.

Florida has always been favored for winter gatherings. These tracks existed before of drag racing had begun NHRA, IHRA and AHRA established sanctioning. In the mid-sixties these tracks were a haven for stock eliminator classes.

Gulf City Dragway is a brand new state of the art facility featuring 3DBot maker starting gate, close quarters track connectors and a the industry standard LED finish line. Stop box is 1.25" thick inertia abosrbing foam for damage free shutdowns. The large pit area has three fuel tankers, a food truck and plenty of tractor trailer parking along with a service station for between round repair assistance.

Gulf City is an actual local census designated place (with history) and Gulf Oil actually operated a bulk terminal in the area until its corporate demise in 1982. Gulf Oil is sponsoring the 2018 season here at Gulf City. We are looking forward to RLD racing action as Gulf City Dragway hosts the Mini Motor Nationals in April 2018.


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Dadvball 1/25/18

Nice set up!  Looks like 1/8 mile scale?

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LeagueofSpeed 1/25/18
Event coordinator

Fabulous!!!! Bringing the Speed to the Gulf Coast for sure!!! Thanks a ton for the Shout-Out in the's an Honor. Looking Forward to Racing at Gulf City Dragway with my Diecast Brothers!!!  

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72_Chevy_C10 1/26/18
Event coordinator

Awesome! Great to have another track on the circuit!

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redlinederby 1/26/18
Site manager

Very cool, looks like a nice space to play in. Reminds me I really need to think about dressing up my track a bit...

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LeagueofSpeed 1/26/18
Event coordinator

Man....some Corvettes would look sweet running down Gulf City Dragway....just saying :)

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Rusty 1/26/18

That is one cool set up!!!!!

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