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Hi guys (and gals as I know some ladies enjoy this hobby too ;)) Im Dennis I am from Massachusetts and I collect Hot Wheels for about say.. goin on 30 years or something give or take. I only came across this forum a few minutes prior to creating an account and I am impressed by what I see already! I have a background in PWD and slots but never HW racing like this so go easy on the newbie when I decide to enter in the coming days!! If ya'll don't mind me askin, Id seriously appreciate some tips or tricks? Maybe I could enter a stock no mods race first to get an idear on what I am doin here??

Graphite is a must-have from time to time, and fast stock Hot Wheels cars have either of these:

Low center of gravity

Heavy (40+ grams)

Faster Than Ever, High Speed Wheels, or wheels before 2000 (shinier than normal ones)

Long in length

Long track width

Examples: Jaguar XJ220, Cadillac V16, Turbolence

Welcome, to add to the post above...


I'm always glad to see new people finding the site. The Blackwall race the Traction Event is holding would be a great place for you to start...and I'm hosting the Drag Wagon race right after that.

If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask! There are lots of tips and tricks. At it's very simplest, I've found that you want good-running, 'true' wheels, installed so that your car will run dead straight. Start of with that, and then find the tricks that work for you.

See ya in lane 2!

welcome,  cg 420... roll 'em...

I DO have a question or 2 for ya'll. Like how do magnets work?? I cannot figure it out!

Lol @ magnets. Pretty sure that's a reference to a meme. 

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Dude...sorry, strike three. Email me if you want.
coolguy420 sounds like he has some unresolved anger issues.

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